Why Is There So Much Skepticism About Climate Change?

skepticismThere are a lot of people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that has been provided. There is much public sensitization about climate change but the big question is “why are people skeptical about climate change?” This article will highlight some of the reasons why there is still much skepticism about climate change.

To begin with, most climate change skeptics are bound by their ideologies rather scientific facts. There are some people who hold conservative views and therefore convincing them to accept that climate change is a reality becomes difficult. This type of people will always interpret scientific facts based on their conservative views. Biased assimilation of information can make people to oppose certain realities in life. The fact that they are driven by their political ideologies rather than scientific facts means that they will always be skeptical about anything that may seem to threaten their ideologies. Continue Reading →

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The Truth About Money and Happiness

Money and HappinessWe have all heard the saying regarding money and its inability to buy happiness, right? There have even been clinical studies performed by several groups, including Princeton University, that have found an increase in annual income doesn’t directly correlate with happiness. However, to some degree, many can argue that money can’t bring happiness but that it can bring an increased satisfaction with life.

Take a look at some of the ways your annual income can bring you satisfaction with life.

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What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery?

lap band surgeryWeight loss surgery is a term used to connote several surgical procedures that are carried out on patients that are seen as being obese. Persons who access weight loss surgery achieve weight loss primarily due to three methods:

  • By lessening the size of the patient’s stomach by using a band (called a gastric band).
  • Patients may also choose to have some of their stomach removed. Some procedures that utilize these methods are sleeve gastrectomy and biliopancreatic diversion.
  • Weight loss Surgeons may also choose to redirect the patient’s small intestine into a small stomach pouch. This particular operation is commonly known as a gastric bypass surgery. Continue Reading →
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Guide to Green Home Design

imagesWe all know that we should recycle more. We have all heard the term “Go Green” before. We know it is probably the right thing to do for the earth but most of us have no clue as to where to begin. If you are planning to renovate or build any time soon, here are some green home design and energy-saving tips to consider in various parts of the home. Another incentive is the tremendous amount of money you can save every year by adopting some of these Green Home Design suggestions.

Doors and windows

Something as simple as an open door or window can allow warmth and insulation to escape which in turn means a waste of heating energy. On average homes lose up to 30 % of air-conditioning and heat energy to open doors and windows. Besides the obvious solution of keeping these closed while the air-conditioning is on, there are door and window designs that can further save power. When designing or choosing a door or window, look for one that is Energy-Star rated to you climate. To make it even more renewable, make sure it is made from recycled material. Continue Reading →

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Which Home Laser Hair Removal System Should you Use?

Using laser technology to remove unwanted body hair is fast gaining acceptance around the world. In the past, you were required to visit a  dermatologist’s clinic to have the procedure carried out since the equipment required were costly and called for specialized expertise. Today however, there are DIY kits you can buy and use at home to remove hair just as effectively as you would at a dermatologist’s clinic.

Important Facts to Keep in Mind about Laser Hair Removal

When laser hair removal technology first came to the scene in the early 1990′s people with naturally dark skin complexions such as those of African, Latino and Asian extractions were discouraged from subjecting themselves to the procedure. This was understandable considering that the laser technology in use at the time was potentially dangerous to their much darker skin pigmentation. However, advances in technology have guaranteed a much safer procedure that works equally well on dark as well as fair skin types.

Today, the bigger concern about efficacy of  this technology has more to do with color of the hair rather than the skin. The light emitted by the laser device is attracted to darkly pigmented hair follicles (those with a high concentration of melanin). As such, people with dark hair are the ones who report the highest levels of success with the procedure. The method does not deliver results with the same level of efficacy when used on people with red, blonde or gray hair.

The laser technology used to remove body hair has advanced so much that today it is possible for people of all skin colors to undergo the procedure safely. However, most of the devices you can buy to use at home are not usually capable of this level of versatility. To be completely certain, consult your dermatologist first before using a particular device.

The use of diode laser devices to remove hair is considered one of the most effective clinical methods. A 2006 study found that while people who used diode lasers to remove hair were slightly more likely to experience mild side effects, the method removed up to 77.71% of the hair compared to 66.96% for those who used electrolysis.

Home Laser removal Devices

The next phase of laser hair removal technology has been heralded by the development of devices and kits you can use right at home. It is adequate testament, if any was needed, that the technology has come of age. These devices are just as effective as the sort of treatment you would get at a professional dermatological clinic. We have reviewed three of these devices to help you chose one best suited to your skin and hair.

1. BellaLite By Silk’n: Professional Hair Removal At Home


  • FDA cleared device for effectively getting rid of unwanted hair at home
  • Suitable for use by both men and women
  • Uses state-of-the-art Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology to guarantee effective removal of hair
  • Comes with three laser lamp catridges (1 preinstalled and 2 as replacements)
  •  Designed to cover a substantially large treatment spot. As such, it is one of the fastest devices you can use to remove hair at home, you need less than half an hour to treat the entire length of your leg for instance.

How Effective is it?

The Bellalite is fairly well loved by both ordinary users and dermatological experts as an ideal system for getting rid of hair at home. It is especially considered effective in getting rid of facial hair on the underarms. What is more, the device reportedly works well across all demographics with users of different ethnic backgrounds, both men and women reporting that they were delighted with how the device produced discernible results.

Some of the rare complaints about the Bellalite have been either owing to what users consider its stinging pain when in use. Others have also complained that the device seemed ineffective unless they first of all completely shaved off the skin areas they intended to treat.

Cost and Maintenance

The Bellalite costs between $240 and $250 on different online stores selling the product. Since it comes with two spare disposable cartridges, the device can be used for up to a year without need to run into any maintenance costs. Its longevity is aided by the fact that it has been designed to cover a larger skin area than your typical system would and therefore each treatment uses much less power.


2. Silk’n SN-002 SensEpil All-Over Handheld Device


  • The SensEpil follows FDA approved technology to ensure virtually pain-free way to get rid of unwanted hair
  • Designed for quick setup and application in removing hair
  • New improved design ensures greater effectiveness as well as ease of use
  • Device comes with a single lamp cartridge and instructional How-To DVD
  • Not suitable for use by people with dark skin or light colored hair

How Effective is it?

Users who fit the correct user profile recommended by the manufacturers (light skin and dark hair) invariably report consistently encouraging results. Within a year of use, many report that hair reduction of up to 75% especially for those seeking to get rid of hair in the upper legs and bikini area.

Most of the dissatisfaction with the SensEpil have been about users who find the laser cartridges very short-lived. Considering that the system is usually packaged without spare cartridges, the costs can be considerably high.

Cost and Maintenance

The SensEpil is one of the cheapest, yet considerably home hair removal systems money can buy. Selling at $200 or less online sounds like a great bargain. The downside of it is that the system does not come with a spare laser cartridge and within a couple of months you will have to order a replacement if you want to continue with the treatment.

3. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


  • A complete redesign of the proven TRIA BEAUTY laser system
  • Designed using FDA approved technology for removing hair
  • Reputed to eliminate body hair permanently in as little as three months
  • Very customizable: enjoy up to 5 comfort settings set out on a handy digital display

How Effective is it?

A lot of experts who have tried this TRIA system report that it is just as good as a professional hair removal system. A lot of users, considerably many for it to be a mere coincidence, report that two treatments were all they needed to get rid of body hair for good.

Cost and Maintenance

The Tria 4X costs considerably more than you would expect of a typical home laser hair zapping device. On online stores it sells at anywhere from $400 to $500, depending on options like shipping and gift wrapping. The main justification for the higher price tag is that the Tria system does not require replaceable laser cartridges. Instead, it has a rechargeable battery and will therefore cost nothing for maintenance.

Our Verdict

All the three laser based hair removal systems have aspects which make them attractive to different users. The Bellalite has the attractive quality of being consistently effective on a variety of skin types. The SensEpil is affordable and easy to use. The Tria system, while more costly when you consider the purchase price in isolation, is however much cheaper when you consider that it requires no replaceable cartridges for long term use. With all factors considered therefore, the Tria Laser 4X is the best of the three products reviewed here.

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Before you Use any Eye Cream… First Understand the Science

The skin around your eyes is clearly very intractable when it comes to getting rid of defects such as wrinkles, spots and puffiness. Facial creams which seem to work for other areas of the face may not always be effective in treating the area beneath your eyes. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin beneath the eyes, a good eye creams needs to be formulated from a select number of ingredients which are effective to address the problems while remaining mild enough as to cause no negative side effects at the end of it. Continue Reading →

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Regal Electronic Cigarettes – Are they Worth a Try?

Smoking is a very addictive habit and therefore very hard to stop once you get hooked. But addiction does not even tell half the story about the dangers of tobacco products. In fact, it has been established that smoking of cigarettes is the number 1 cause of preventable deaths around the world. Even if it is estimated that about 7 out of every 10 smokers purpose to quit smoking, only about 4 actually try to do it in a year and of these less than 1 in 10 succeed. Wouldn’t it be good therefore to get hold of a tool that more than doubled your chances of success if you resolved to stop smoking once and for all?

Admittedly, electronic cigarettes are a relatively recent development when it comes to approaches used to get rid of smoking. However, there is enough evidence to show that e-cigarettes could be up to twice as effective in helping smokers quit the habit compared to other nicotine based solutions like nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. As we shall presently see however, you need to choose a quality e-cigarette brand such as RegalCigs that is designed to help you quit smoking if you want to succeed.

How Regal e-Cigs Work

RegalCigs is a nicotine based e-cigarette brand which has gained acceptance around the world due to its effectiveness in aiding smokers quit the habit. The devices are designed to automatically light up on
Each Regal e-cigarette comes with a smart chip controller which detects when air is pulled through as is the case in the act of inhalation. Once the electronic chip controller detects inhalation, it activates the heating element which in turn vaporizes the nicotine solution in the mouthpiece. Once vaporization starts, an LED light fitted on the opposite side of the device to indicate complete atomization.ce you pull on the mouthpiece, without need for fiddly switches to turn on the heating element.

The Regal Starter Kit

When you order a Regal e-Cigarettes starter kit, you get:

  • 1 lithium ion battery in the form of a white cylinder
  • 5 nicotine cartomizers (cartridge and atomizer)
  • 1 wall battery charger
  • 1 battery charger with USB connector
  • Carrying case
  • User’s manual
  • Collector’s gift box

The user manual contains all the instructions you need to get started. However, every component and system in the starter pack is so intuitively designed that you will scarcely need to keep referring to the user manual after the first time.

Regal e-Cig Flavor Cartridges

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Regal electronic cigarettes is the variety of e-liquid flavors available. No matter your favorite cigarette brand, you will find a Regal variant that suits your preferred flavor. Get to pick from the following 5 flavor cartridges:

  1. Classic Tobacco
  2. Minty Menthol
  3. Very Vanilla
  4. Espresso Bean
  5. Cherry Blast

Buyers can also order a Variety Pack which comes with all the 5 differently flavored cartomizers. You specify the type of flavor cartridge you prefer as you order your starter kit.

Regal e-Cigarettes Warranty, Shipping and Customer Service

Committed to ensure unequalled customer service, Regal e-Cigs are sold with a 30-day money back guarantee. Buyers who are unsatisfied with the condition or qualities of the cigarettes are required to call the Regal customer service and request their money back. Once the products are received in good condition, the company will issue are refund to the credit card used to purchase the starter kit. The company may deduct some amount from the refund if some items are missing or in a poor condition.

All Regal e-cigarettes are sold with a free shipping offer. The company will ship the kit to any address within continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii. To ensure that buyers do not have to sit waiting for their merchandise to arrive after placing an order, the company uses expedited UPS delivery service. It is as good as it gets in terms of customer service.

What is more, the starter kit is sold with a comprehensive one year product warranty. This assures the user that all the components and parts will work flawlessly for at least one year. The warranty only applies to the normal use of the cigarettes as provide for in the user manual.

Regal e-Cigs vs Madvapes

Madvapes is another popular e-cigarette brand in the United States. Madvapes are manufactured and marketed by Madvapes LLC based in Mooresville, North Carolina. Like Regal e-Cigs, Madvapes are almost exclusively sold online. However, there are some significant differences, especially for customers ordering their first electronic cigarette starter kit.

Here are the main differences between the Regal e-Cigarettes offer and the one from Madvapes

  • Unlike Regal e-Cigs, Madvapes do not offer any form of money-back guarantees to buyers who place an order online. This applies across the board from their starter kits, mods, batteries, chargers or other DIY parts.
  • Madvapes do not offer the same range of flavors in their e-liquid range to match the variety of offers Regal e-cig customers enjoy.
  • Madvapes do not sell any of their products inclusive of free shipping. The shipping surcharges can add to their already considerably high price tags.

As is apparent from above, choosing between Regal e-Cig and Madvapes starter packs is indeed a ‘no brainer’. By opting for Regal e-Cigs, you are guaranteed that your money will not be lost as you can return the shipment and get all your money back in return. Moreover, there are more authentic e-liquid flavors available under the Regal brand. Add to these the free shipping offer from any corner of the United States and you have a deal that is bound to delight your heart and lungs as well! In short, Regal e-Cig starter pack is the best deal for anyone looking to start off their journey to a smoking free future with the right foot forward.

Begin your Journey to a Smoke Free Future with Regal e-Cigs Today

Regal Electronic Cigarettes have designed their starter pack offer as an effective way to help you finally kick off your smoking habit. That is why they offer a long-term plan to assist you through every step of the way. Users determined to quit smoking will be well advised to join the Regal Monthly Plan. This not only provides continued guidance but also free battery replacements.

It is never too late to redefine your health and wellness goals. Start your journey to success by ordering your first Regal e-Cigs starter pack today.



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How Exactly Do Electronic Cigarettes Help one Quit Smoking?

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have entered public consciousness like never before. They have praised and condemned almost on equal measure. However, most of the discourse has not been based on facts and there has been too much conjecture as various schools of thought try to outdo each other in garnering public support and influence policy making around the world. It is therefore little surprise that amidst all the to and fro harangue, a lot of people are still in the dark about what electronic cigarettes and how they can help one to quit smoking.

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Does Raspberry Ketone Work? Which are the Best Free Trial Offers?

The issue of what approach is best for weight loss is indeed a weighty matter (no pun intended). While exercises and judicious nutritional choices remain to be the most effective ways to keep you from accumulating those extra pounds around your midriff, dietary supplements are highly recommended too. These supplements should be taken only as a complement to exercises and proper nutrition but not as effective remedies of their own right.

The biggest dilemma for many would-be dietary supplement consumers remains which products to trust in a market bursting with offers left, right and center. Today I will take you through a comprehensive analysis of  raspberry ketone supplements. I will also objectively review two leading supplements to make it easier for you to make a choice.

A Compound with a Broad Range of Health Benefits

Raspberry ketone is an aromatic chemical found in red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). In fact, the compound is the one which gives raspberries their distinctive scent. For a long time, the compound was only used in perfumes and as an additive in packaged foods, primarily as a flavoring agent. It is only relatively recently that it has been found as an affective health compound to be sold as a supplement.

Despite its name, the aromatic compound is available in many other fruits including cranberries and blackberries. The aromatic ketone is also found in some limited amounts in anise seeds.

The  aromatic compound has some very well known health benefits but the most remarkable ones are as a remedy for addressing negative effects of weight gain and obesity. There are also studies which have shown anecdotal evidence that the compound helps increase the body’s mass of lean muscles.

How the Ketone Helps with Weight Loss

To be honest, there has been very little independent research about how these supplements aid in reducing body weight in human subjects. The companies which market the product though have, with understandable enthusiasm, presented detailed data showing how users who have taken the supplements observed remarkable reduction in body weight.

This said, some pretty conclusive studies carried out on animals  have shown that the compound boosts metabolic rate remarkably. This is a good indicator as people with high metabolic rates are able to burn more calories than those without such a natural advantage. There are also some studies which have shown the raspberry extract to be effective stimulating the body to produce a hormone called adiponectin that is crucial to metabolic rate in the human liver.

Comparison with Other Supplements

The action of raspberry ketone on managing body weight is directly comparable to two other types of supplements:

  • Garcinia cambogia and
  • Green coffee beans extract

On the face of it, the popularity of the ketone is nowhere near the runaway fame that the other two supplements, especially Garcinia Cambogia, have managed to get. Garcinia Cambogia has for instance been very prominent in some celebrity health and wellness infomercials such as on the Dr. Oz Tv show. Raspberry ketone based supplements have not managed to garner a comparable level of popularity.

One other reason the ketone has not been able to make the same sort of impact compared to other supplements is that the message of its qualities as a body weight management remedy has never hit home with quite the same impact. It is arguable that the aromatic compound’s reputation as a food additive and perfume base has stood in the way of it receiving as much widespread acceptance as it should otherwise be getting.

Popular Raspberry Ketone Health Supplements

Despite the preceding information, raspberry based supplements are quite prominent in the dietary supplements market. Here I have reviewed two of the most highly rated products in the line:

1. Pure Health Raspberry Ketone

Produced and marketed by the well known health products brand, Pure Health Naturally, this is one of the most popular raspberry based supplements you can order on the web. The supplement is available in capsules format and buyers can opt between a 30 or 90 capsule bottle when placing their orders.

Each capsule comes with 400 milligrams of the raspberry extract. What is the more, the ketone is the only active ingredient present in the capsules. This is a crucial factor especially for anyone who is trying the supplement for the first time. After completing the dosage, it is easy to establish whether the changes (be they positive or negative) are owing to the potency of the active ingredient or not.

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily. This is understandable taking to account that the daily recommended nutritional minimum for the aromatic ketone is 800 milligrams for adult users. It is left to the consumer’s discretion whether to take the two capsules together or one at a time. The capsules should be taken about 30 minutes before meals accompanied by a glass of water measuring at least 10 ozen.


2. Raspberry Ketone Premium

This is yet another one of the popular supplements to be based on this aromatic raspberry extract. It is available in capsule form as well as liquid suspension in a droper-bottle. The promoters of the supplement insist the ketone drops are up to 5 times more effective than capsules seeing that they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream upon ingestion.

Each capsule in the bottle has 500 milligrams of 100% pure raspberry-extract ketone. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily to give you a total of 1000 milligrams of active ingredient in the dietary supplement in 24 hours. The capsules are sold in a standard bottle with 60 capsules, enough for a 30 day supply.

The supplement is sold with a 100% money back guarantee offer. The offer is extended for an unprecedented 90-day period. Buyers who feel that the product does not deliver on the guarantees provided by the manufacturer can return the capsules or liquid suspension and have their purchase price refunded with no obligations demanded on their part.

Which is Better of the 2 Dietary Supplements?

I have looked up user reviews posted on the two products on the web and compared them for objectivity. By all reasonable measures, the Raspberry Ketone Premium has an edge over the Pure Health Naturally alternative. To begin with, the latter offers the standard required daily intake of the ketone at 1,000 milligrams. The Pure Health Naturally product only offers the minimum recommended intake. Other advantages of the Premium brand include:

  1. Availability of a liquid drops supplement as alternative for those who prefer not to take capsules
  2. A comprehensive 100% money back guarantee extended to 90 days

Point to Keep in Mind When Buying Raspberry Extract Dietary Supplements

As with all other drugs and health supplements, you cannot be too careful when purchasing raspberry-extract dietary supplements online. For complete assurance that you are on the safe side, these are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Go for products which contain 100% pure active ingredients without adding binders, filler or other ingredients.
  • Do not accept offers for supplements formulated with synthetic ketones
  • Always be on the lookout for unsupported and exaggerated claims such as guarantees to lose a specified amount of weight within a matter of  days.
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Green Coffee Bean Extract – An Effective Weight Loss Supplement or Not?

The health and fitness industry has witnessed something of a virtual revolution in recent years. There are glossy infomercials airing on the television on a regular basis, some of them promoting specific products and other offering tips and tricks in general. As a result, it is likely that you have tried several ‘magic remedies’ but found them wanting eventually. But before you give up, I insist that that you try proven weight loss supplements based on coffee bean extracts.

The supplements are invariably 100% natural and offer a proven remedy for those looking to lose weight without having to do back-breaking exercises. The biggest advantage of these coffee bean extract supplements is that they are backed by solid science. A wide range of studies have been carried out and they have proven just how effective the extract is in weight loss.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The extract is made from raw unroasted coffee beans and is reputed to have plenty of health benefits including in weight loss. When coffee beans are roasted, the process greatly reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid in the coffee. It is this chlorogenic acid which has been found to have significant health benefits including reducing body fat as well as management of conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

According to research published in a 2011 edition of the Gastroenterology Research and Practice, the compound was found to have remarkable benefits in increasing metabolism and other factors considered crucial to the process of burning fat. The researchers collected data in three separate clinical trials and found that participants who took supplements containing the coffee extract managed to reduce weight at an accelerated pace compared to those who were given placebos instead.

A more detailed research report was published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine back in 2006. In this study, it was established that chlorogenic acid inhibits the process of fat absorption and also increases the rate of metabolism of fat in the liver. But other than being beneficial in reducing body weight, the supplement has been documented as an effective solution in lowering blood pressure in elderly patients and may also reduce the intensity of some of the more acute symptoms of Alzheimers disease. The extract has several other health benefits you might find useful for your health and wellness goals.

Is Green Coffee Extract Safe?

There has not been wide and empirical studies carried out to establish if there are any significant negative effects of taking the extract. Perhaps the best explanation for this paucity in data is that there hasn’t been any reason to carry out such a study. When you come to think of it, since the extract is a purely natural ingredient, there is no need for alarm. However, it is necessary to take normal precautions before taking the supplement, just as you would with any other products in the same class.

Green Coffee Supplements with Free Trial Offers

While there is an increasing body of evidence about the efficacy of these coffee based supplements, there are many users who are understandably cautious out there. This level of reticence is perhaps understandable considering that many people have tried different solutions which often prove ineffective in the long run. This is why companies offering the supplements with considerable free trial periods come highly recommended. Of the dozens of offers available, I found these two as the ones most deserving of your consideration:

1. Green Coffee Maxx

This product caught my attention as it is more than just a health supplement on offer, it is part of a comprehensive health and fitness program. Once you place an order for Max capsules online, you are automatically enrolled in the company’s weight management club. It is a free membership to one of the more meticulously planned programs you can find online. The wealth of information, tips and specialized fitness routines are only accessible to members of the club and not the general public. The program also includes two e-books on health and fitness which you can download once your order goes through.

The product is notable for its free trial offer. In fact, the offer is a comprehensive, no obligations, 30 days money back guarantee. Buyers who find the products ineffective or not up to their expectations can request for a refund of the purchase price. The offer is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. If you do not return the product after 30 days, you become automatically eligible for a free 1 month supply of the capsules, only paying for shipping and handling charges.

Green Coffee Maxx is shipped to countries around the world and the company website is verified as trustworthy by InsureShip. The company accepts payment via all the major credit cards. Customers who wish to can also pay anonymously via PayPal, a principal consideration for those who would rather not share financial information online.

2. Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse

This coffee extract supplement is rapidly gaining popularity for its effectiveness in weight loss for people across a wide range of demographics. The formulation is designed to fight toxins and increase the rate of metabolism. As such, it includes the following compounds in addition to chlorogenic acid:

  • Resveratrol: a common antioxidant found in grapes and which helps boost endurance and prevent uncontrolled weight gain.
  • Citrus Pectin: Is reputed as an effective solution to rapid weight gain as it turns into a sticky gel during digestion in the pit of the stomach, and this inhibits the rate at which sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Fennel Seeds: Used for a long time as a diuretic and digestive aid, fennel seed extracts.
  • Ginger Gold seal: A compound known for helping with metabolism and digestion.
  • Oat Bran: Oatmeal breaks down slowly in the tummy, ensuring you feel fuller for longer and less inclined to take fattening snacks along the way.

Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse is sold with a limited 14 day trial period offer. The trial period starts the day of the purchase. While the company does not guarantee the date when the product will arrive at your doorstep, it nonetheless offers customers the opportunity to call their customer service if the shipment does not arrive within seven days. When this happens, they will extend the trial period accordingly.

It is worth noting that the supplement is only available to buyers within the United Kingdom. While the company does not say this explicitly, the order form does not give options for shipping the supplement to locations outside the British Isles.

Which is the Better of the Two?

In terms of ingredients and efficacy, it is hard to draw the line on which product has the edge. However, the Nutra Green supplement has the disadvantage when it comes to terms of the free trial period. Two weeks (including time taken for the product to ship to your doorstep) is considerably short for you to make a proper evaluation of the efficacy of the product. Moreover, it is also disappointing to note that users outside the United Kingdom cannot order the supplement online.

Green Coffee Maxx wins hands down when it comes to how comprehensive the free trial offer is. Within thirty days, users can evaluate with greater assurance if the supplement delivers results as advertised. Many will also be drawn to the offer that allows to order a new 30 day supply of the capsules and only pay for shipping and handling.

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