The Climate Pledge of Resistance

Heal the PlanetThe ongoing resistance to climate change has started to assume gigantic proportions. In the latest development, a coalition of faith-based native, societal, ecological and climate groups have created the Climate Pledge of Resistance (CPR) to step beyond talk into action by arranging the biggest ever civil insurrection in their history.

In the 1980s, public sentiment decrying U.S. association with, and sustenance of Central American hostilities took concrete shape as the Pledge of Resistance. This Pledge materialized as a highly effectual national crusade that bolstered independent yet peaceful all-enveloping focused action that embedded itself in simple implicit democracy. Today, this very Pledge has motivated CPR for the Planet. Continue Reading →

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Green Activism in Boulder, Colorado

Green ActivismBoulder, Colorado can now form its own municipal power utility. Two ballots were passed in November to eliminate their dependence on corporate utilities and manage the city’s power as part of the city’s municipal apparatus.

Xcel Energy currently provides electricity for Boulder. Xcel has been the target of environmental activists for years due to their lack of expansion into alternative fuel sources (over 60% of their power comes from coal).

Despite plenty of renewable energy alternatives available in the region, Xcel has continued to fail to expand into alternative energy sources at a rate acceptable to Boulder’s large activist base. Continue Reading →

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Why Is There So Much Skepticism About Climate Change?

skepticismThere are a lot of people who are still skeptical about the reality of climate change despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that has been provided. There is much public sensitization about climate change but the big question is “why are people skeptical about climate change?” This article will highlight some of the reasons why there is still much skepticism about climate change.

To begin with, most climate change skeptics are bound by their ideologies rather scientific facts. There are some people who hold conservative views and therefore convincing them to accept that climate change is a reality becomes difficult. This type of people will always interpret scientific facts based on their conservative views. Biased assimilation of information can make people to oppose certain realities in life. The fact that they are driven by their political ideologies rather than scientific facts means that they will always be skeptical about anything that may seem to threaten their ideologies. Continue Reading →

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The Truth About Money and Happiness

Money and HappinessWe have all heard the saying regarding money and its inability to buy happiness, right? There have even been clinical studies performed by several groups, including Princeton University, that have found an increase in annual income doesn’t directly correlate with happiness. However, to some degree, many can argue that money can’t bring happiness but that it can bring an increased satisfaction with life.

Take a look at some of the ways your annual income can bring you satisfaction with life.

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What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery?

lap band surgeryWeight loss surgery is a term used to connote several surgical procedures that are carried out on patients that are seen as being obese. Persons who access weight loss surgery achieve weight loss primarily due to three methods:

  • By lessening the size of the patient’s stomach by using a band (called a gastric band).
  • Patients may also choose to have some of their stomach removed. Some procedures that utilize these methods are sleeve gastrectomy and biliopancreatic diversion.
  • Weight loss Surgeons may also choose to redirect the patient’s small intestine into a small stomach pouch. This particular operation is commonly known as a gastric bypass surgery. Continue Reading →
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Guide to Green Home Design

imagesWe all know that we should recycle more. We have all heard the term “Go Green” before. We know it is probably the right thing to do for the earth but most of us have no clue as to where to begin. If you are planning to renovate or build any time soon, here are some green home design and energy-saving tips to consider in various parts of the home. Another incentive is the tremendous amount of money you can save every year by adopting some of these Green Home Design suggestions.

Doors and windows

Something as simple as an open door or window can allow warmth and insulation to escape which in turn means a waste of heating energy. On average homes lose up to 30 % of air-conditioning and heat energy to open doors and windows. Besides the obvious solution of keeping these closed while the air-conditioning is on, there are door and window designs that can further save power. When designing or choosing a door or window, look for one that is Energy-Star rated to you climate. To make it even more renewable, make sure it is made from recycled material. Continue Reading →

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Is it Possible to Say Goodbye to Cellulite?

You do not have to let cellulite to control your life, limiting your freedom to enjoy yourself to the limit. Contrary to popular perception, it is possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite markedly and even get rid of the offending marks altogether. All you need is to identify the best products, whether in the form of oral supplements or topical application creams. As there are many competing products in the market, it pays to do your homework well before ordering online. Always remember that a cellulite cream is only as effective as the ingredients contianed in its formulation. Continue Reading →

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Skin Firming Creams: the truth behind them

The human skin is a versatile organ which completely regenerates itself every 7 days on average. This sort of vigor is crucial because the skin serves the vital function of protecting the body from dozens of hazards. However, as the skin ages, it loses the capacity to renew itself and remain firm enough to offer an effective barrier to dangers within and without.

The vagaries of aging as well as the elements begin to take a toll on the skin especially around the face and the neck area. The good news is that if you get the right sort of firming cream, you can be assured your skin will remain supple, youthful and smooth despite the progress of years as well as perpetual exposure to sun’s radiation.  To help you choose the best among these competing products, we have reviewed three skin tightening creams you can order online. These are:

  1. Cellex-C Skin Firming Cream Plus
  2. Bonapiel Beauty & Youth Serum  with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C + MSM
  3. SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream Continue Reading →
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Unbiased Review of Blue Light Acne Therapy Devices

Dermatologists have used pulsed blue light therapy to treat skin blemishes such as acne for several decades now. The technology behind the machines is clinically proven and has been passed by the FDA as safe and effective for use on the skin. While the development of hand held devices based on the technology is more recent, they are just as effective as the therapy you can get at a dermatologist’s office. This said, it is still important to pay due caution before ordering your own device from the web. To help you choose, we have reviewed two of the more popular systems selling online:

  1. The Tria® Skin Perfecting Blue Light System
  2. BlueMD – Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment Continue Reading →
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Which Home Laser Hair Removal System Should you Use?

Using laser technology to remove unwanted body hair is fast gaining acceptance around the world. In the past, you were required to visit a  dermatologist’s clinic to have the procedure carried out since the equipment required were costly and called for specialized expertise. Today however, there are DIY kits you can buy and use at home to remove hair just as effectively as you would at a dermatologist’s clinic. Continue Reading →

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Before you Use any Eye Cream… First Understand the Science

The skin around your eyes is clearly very intractable when it comes to getting rid of defects such as wrinkles, spots and puffiness. Facial creams which seem to work for other areas of the face may not always be effective in treating the area beneath your eyes. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin beneath the eyes, a good eye creams needs to be formulated from a select number of ingredients which are effective to address the problems while remaining mild enough as to cause no negative side effects at the end of it. Continue Reading →

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Regal Electronic Cigarettes – Are they Worth a Try?

Smoking is a very addictive habit and therefore very hard to stop once you get hooked. But addiction does not even tell half the story about the dangers of tobacco products. In fact, it has been established that smoking of cigarettes is the number 1 cause of preventable deaths around the world. Even if it is estimated that about 7 out of every 10 smokers purpose to quit smoking, only about 4 actually try to do it in a year and of these less than 1 in 10 succeed. Wouldn’t it be good therefore to get hold of a tool that more than doubled your chances of success if you resolved to stop smoking once and for all? Continue Reading →

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How Exactly Do Electronic Cigarettes Help one Quit Smoking?

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have entered public consciousness like never before. They have praised and condemned almost on equal measure. However, most of the discourse has not been based on facts and there has been too much conjecture as various schools of thought try to outdo each other in garnering public support and influence policy making around the world. It is therefore little surprise that amidst all the to and fro harangue, a lot of people are still in the dark about what electronic cigarettes and how they can help one to quit smoking.

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Does Raspberry Ketone Work? Which are the Best Free Trial Offers?

The issue of what approach is best for weight loss is indeed a weighty matter (no pun intended). While exercises and judicious nutritional choices remain to be the most effective ways to keep you from accumulating those extra pounds around your midriff, dietary supplements are highly recommended too. These supplements should be taken only as a complement to exercises and proper nutrition but not as effective remedies of their own right.

The biggest dilemma for many would-be dietary supplement consumers remains which products to trust in a market bursting with offers left, right and center. Today I will take you through a comprehensive analysis of  raspberry ketone supplements. I will also objectively review two leading supplements to make it easier for you to make a choice. Continue Reading →

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Green Coffee Bean Extract – An Effective Weight Loss Supplement or Not?

The health and fitness industry has witnessed something of a virtual revolution in recent years. There are glossy infomercials airing on the television on a regular basis, some of them promoting specific products and other offering tips and tricks in general. As a result, it is likely that you have tried several ‘magic remedies’ but found them wanting eventually. But before you give up, I insist that that you try proven weight loss supplements based on coffee bean extracts.

The supplements are invariably 100% natural and offer a proven remedy for those looking to lose weight without having to do back-breaking exercises. The biggest advantage of these coffee bean extract supplements is that they are backed by solid science. A wide range of studies have been carried out and they have proven just how effective the extract is in weight loss. Continue Reading →

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