Run! Baby, Run!

Exercise is frequently a matter of contention and confusion for new parents. Parents are often unsure of what to do to exercise, as a new little one places non-stop demands on both time and energy. To combine parenting and exercising, the jogging stroller was developed. Joggers are designed to provide parents with a means of exercising while caring for their little ones, fusing family time and exercise—effectively answering the question, “Are jogging strollers safe?” Unlike standard strollers, jogging strollers are designed to work on different types of terrain, and possess superior balance and steering capability, allowing mothers to effectively lose weight.

Bob Revolution Single Stroller

Though Bob also offers double jogging strollers, their single stroller model is the most well-known and well-loved. Bob’s product provides parents with a fully swiveling front wheel, capable of locking when jogging or going over difficult terrain. The wheels also possess shocks, providing serious shock absorption for children whose parents enjoy running or jogging over bumpy or rocky ground. This is particularly notable for parents with concerns regarding their children’s heads and necks bouncing around while using a jogger.

Bob’s Revolution stroller also allows parents to recline the seat drastically, allowing sleeping infants to remain that way. For parents with children under 6 months, Bob created an adapter allowing car seats to snap in, providing adequate neck and head support. Finally, Bob’s product comes complete with a limited one year warranty, as well as a limited 5-year warranty for the frame.

Customers gave Bob’s Revolution a high rating, as it provided parents with a heavy-duty means of transportation for children, ranging from actually exercising to simply walking around grocery stores. Many parents expressed their gratitude for the front wheel’s high swiveling capability, as it made room for the stroller to function as a jogger as well as a basic stroller. Families also expressed the high quality of the stroller’s build, as it seems to glide over all terrains, providing a smooth ride for baby and smooth handling for moms and dads.

Though Bob’s products are typically very highly rated, there are a few families who have expressed concern or frustration with the company. These reviews are few and far between, but they do happen and, after contacting customer service, many individuals found the customer service department lacking. Of these incidences, customers found the key was persistence; after persistent insistence regarding replacement parts or warranty replacements, most consumers were rewarded by having their needs met.

Summit X3 Single

The Summit X3’s features are unique, in that it offers a switch directly on the handle to control the swivel of the front wheel. With the flip of a switch, users can lock the wheel, transforming the stroller from a regular stroller to a jogger.

Summit’s most notable attribute is its handle-wheel connection, though it also boasts a durable frame and fabric, one-step open and close, and a padded seat able to adjust to an entirely reclined position. These features may prove important to a family hoping to begin jogging with their child sooner rather than later.

Parents were largely pleased and impressed with this stroller. At a price somewhat comparable to a Bob stroller, parents saw a smooth ride and the convenience brought about by using the handlebar lock.

Parents also found the width of this particular stroller helpful, as it assisted in navigating more cramped quarters, such as small mom and pop shops and grocery stores. Some parents, however, were not entirely pleased with the product, citing the handlebar lock as a nuisance rather than a boon. Others found the wheel’s locks to be faulty, and discovered this fault only after having their children begin to roll away. Though these were not unanimous difficulties, a handful of parents were concerned about child safety.

Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller

Jeep’s Adventure stroller is a jogging stroller designed with both the wallet and quality products in mind. This includes a swivel front wheel, capable of locking during jogging use, a shock-absorbing suspension system, and an adjustable handlebar for adults.

In addition to these features, users will find measures implemented for convenience, such as cup holders, ample storage, and even a simple speaker system allowing families to play music from an iPod or other portable music system through the stroller itself.

Finally, the stroller is also able to accept car seats/carriers from other brands, allowing parents of newborns and children under 6 months to utilize this particular jogger without worrying about the child’s head and neck support.

Customers were largely pleased with the purchase of this stroller, as it provided ample space for little ones up to several years old, and yielded positive results when used over rough terrain, including rocky pavement and sandy beaches. Parents used the stroller as both a jogger and traditional stroller, due to its ability to function well as a standard stroller, with supreme maneuvering abilities and plenty of storage space. Users also expressed gratitude for the addition of the speaker system, as it gave parents and children alike the opportunity to listen to music while exercising.

Though the jeep scored highly with customers, there were a handful of complaints registered against Jeep’s design. These complaints were entirely aimed at the wheel systems of Jeep’s model, as many found the wheels faulty. Some had difficulty with the wheels’ brakes, while others experienced difficulty with the wheels themselves, and saw their wheels break and twist far too easily. However, these troubles are typically covered under warranty, and may be remedied upon contacting the company directly.

Which of the Three is Best?

Though different jogging stroller types and brands offer different advantages, the three identified above are similar in design and purpose, allowing families to safely choose one of the three in order to achieve similar results. Though the Summit model does well for many people, Bob’s Revolution is likely to be the better choice for the following reasons:

  • Name. Bob is a name both recognized and trusted in children’s products, and this includes jogging strollers. Bob strollers are notorious for their ability to provide parents with a reliable, high-quality jogger, and come from a well-established company. For this reason, parents may rest with greater assurance that their stroller’s company will be in place for the long run, and can be more readily trusted for warranty replacements and repairs.
  • Quality. Bob products are known for their dedication to high-quality materials and construction, allowing parents to rest easy regarding their children’s safety and comfort.

Though the Bob is the superior product, many parents are unable (or unwilling) to offer such a significant up-front investment. These parents would do well to consider Jeep’s product, as it offers a high-quality device at a lower price point. Whatever the budget, both the Bob and the Jeep are good strollers for runners and easily double as strollers for everyday use.

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