Relax N Wax No Scream Cream

Advertised for use before waxing, No Scream Cream is available on Amazon for $14.08 (one ounce) and features 20% Benzocaine. Product details:

  • Smooth and gentle formula for easy application
  • Natural and safe
  • Compatible with all types of wax
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Can be used on face and bikini area

According to the Relax N Wax Website, the cream alleviates up to 80% of pain caused by waxing. To use, apply a thick layer of cream 30-45 minutes before treatment. Do not rub into the skin. Allow your skin to slowly absorb the cream (your skin will appear white).

Users agree that No Scream “takes the edge off” during waxing and epilating. It does not eliminate pain. Many advise not to get waxed at all if you have a very low pain tolerance. Although not marketed for any other use, Relax N Wax has reportedly been used to dull (but not eliminate) pain during piercings.

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Numb Master

Numb Master is one of the strongest over-the-shelf numbing agents on the market. The main active ingredient is lidocaine (5%). Numb Master’s formula is designed to be fast acting and non-oily.

You can purchase a 4oz. jar of Numb Master on Amazon for $60.93 (or 1oz. for $20.48). This pre-treatment numbing agent is specifically marketed to relieve anorectal discomfort. It’s also used for dermarolling and other common procedures like:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Waxing
  • Permanent makeup
  • IV injections and blood drawing
  • Tattoos
  • Epilating

For optimum results, Numb Master cream should be applied 20-30 minutes before the procedure. The numbing effect should last about 1 hour.

According to user reviews, Numb Master is most commonly used for hair removal procedures. “A must-have product for waxing!” writes Stacey J. Numb Master is an esthetician’s favorite for dermarolling. Users agree that it is more effective than Dr. Numb for use during tattoos.

The main complaint about Numb Master is that it is pricier compared to other products. Other downsides are that the jar is not as convenient as a tube and the cream tends to dry out more quickly than other numbing products.

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Dr. Numb

drnumbReferred to as the world’s #1 Numbing Cream, Doctor Numb features 5% Lidocaine (the highest amount allowed by the FDA). This topical anesthetic is FDA approved and utilizes the purest form of Lidocaine available. You can purchase a 30-gram tube for $54 on the official site or for slightly less on Amazon. This Lidocaine cream is advertised for use to reduce pain caused by:

  • Tattooing
  • Laser hair removal
  • Waxing
  • Piercing
  • Tattoo removal

Doctor Numb is the only ointment of its kind that can be used on unbroken skin. And since it doesn’t affect your skin’s elasticity, it’s perfect for tattoos and tattoo removal. Most reviews are centered on Dr. Numb as a great product for tattoos and tattoo removal.

Make sure to apply a generous amount of ointment two hours before the procedure. For best results, rub the cream into the skin and keep the area wrapped in plastic. While the company boasts that Dr. Numb will reduce pain for four hours, in reality, you can expect anything between one and four hours.

Although the company assures users that Doctor Numb won’t affect ink during the tattooing process, one reviewer writes that since the skin has a harder time absorbing ink when it’s already full of cream, the tattoo artist had to go much deeper with the needle. Furthermore, the reviewer had to endure a follow-up session without the cream in order for the colors to stick.

In regards to tattoo removal, users say Doctor Numb reduces pain by about 75%. For piercings, the cream transforms the pain into mere discomfort.

Another reviewer heard about this numbing cream from her electrologist. After trying Doctor Numb, she reported that she felt no discomfort during electrolysis and described the product as “topical Novocain.”

The downside is that Doctor Numb must be applied two hours before treatment. About 10% of users noticed little to no pain relief (they may or may not have followed instructions). One man warns not to use this numbing cream on big areas (like the back). Too much Dr. Numb in the bloodstream can ramp up your heart rate to dangerous levels.