Unbiased Review of Blue Light Acne Therapy Devices

Dermatologists have used pulsed blue light therapy to treat skin blemishes such as acne for several decades now. The technology behind the machines is clinically proven and has been passed by the FDA as safe and effective for use on the skin. While the development of hand held devices based on the technology is more recent, they are just as effective as the therapy you can get at a dermatologist’s office. This said, it is still important to pay due caution before ordering your own device from the web. To help you choose, we have reviewed two of the more popular systems selling online:

  1. The Tria® Skin Perfecting Blue Light System
  2. BlueMD – Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment


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The Tria® Skin Perfecting Acne Treatment System

Tria® is a global brand with a well known and comprehensive  line of cosmetic products. This  acne treatment system is meant to complement a number of other Tria® cosmetic products such as their foam cleansers and serums.

The system also features a number of fancy features including

  • Skin contact sensor: The Blue Light System includes a state of the art skin sensor on the treatment window. This sensor aromatically detects your skin once it is put into close proximity with your face. This, in turn, switches on the light emitter and therapy can begin. There are no fiddly switches or buttons to worry about. Even more encouragingly, this precaution guarantees that the system is only switched on for the duration it is being used. Once taken out of contact with the skin, the sensor turns off the light.
  • Digital interface:For even greater convenience when using the system, there is a handy interface at the base. The interface provides feedback about the amount of light being pulsed on the skin. It is convenience, effectiveness and power all in one package.

Price and Maintenance Costs

At $300 the system costs a fortune. Maybe Tria® reason that since their device comes with a number of extra fancy features, users will be drawn to buy it, even when there are other less costly systems that are less pretentiously designed. Moreover, you will have to fork out $40 more to pay for a 2 month cartridge.

What Users Say of the Tria® System

On the Tria® website, most of the user reviews posted are largely positive. It seems as if the device is effective when used consistently and in combination with the recommended Tria® cleaning foam and acne serum. On third party sites such as Amazon, the reviews are much more critical. Most users are miffed by having to pay extra money for the cartridge. It is the single perpetual reason quoted by all who post negative reviews on the device.

 BlueMD  Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment 

This BlueMD acne therapy system is based on extensive research about what causes skin blemishes especially acne breakouts. As such, the system makes use of a two pronged approach to guaranteeing you a smooth skin: working to prevent the outbreak of acne by targeting the bacteria which cause it underneath the skin as well as gently but surely getting rid of the marks and scars left by the acne on the skin.

The device uses the same intense pulsed non ultra violet light technology you find in a dermatologist’s office. The user is guaranteed that the product is safe to use as the manufacturers have carried out extensive clinical trials before the final product went on sale.

The BlueMD Blue Light acne treatment system comes with the following notable features

  • Large treatment window: The treatment window, or the part which comes into contact with your skin is pretty extensive. Other manufacturers, out of spite or in a bid to cut down on costs only provide a miniscule treatment window. As such, you do not have to take lengthy periods to complete the treatment. With just a couple of passes across the areas affected by acne (or which are prone to experience an outbreak) you are good to go. Using the system is an easy and enjoyable experience even for people who have never used such a system before.
  • Sleek handheld design: In keeping with the BlueMD renowned philosophy of technology made for humans, the  hand held machine is based on innovative ergonomic design. The body of the device has been carefully contoured to fit in your hand so it can be used with ease and convenience even when treating areas of the body that are not easy to reach.
  • No cartridge required: Unlike competing systems, the BlueMD device does not require a cartridge to operate. It plugs in to your mains electricity to function. The device is bought with a replaceable bulb which has a guaranteed lifetime of 10,000 hours which is more or less a lifetime of normal usage.

Price and Maintenance Costs

The BlueMD system sells at a comparatively affordable price of $199. What is more, the product ships free for customers who provide addresses in any of the 50 states in the United States. Under normal use, the system requires no replacement of parts or maintenance.

What Users Say of the BlueMD Device

User reviews on most online stores carrying the BlueMD system are largely positive. Users are delighted that the device is easy to use and delivers the results promised by the manufacturers without packing a set of complex features.  A lot of the five star reviews are by customers who have enjoyed the company’s money-back guarantee as well as free shipping.

Our Verdict

In the final analysis, it is easy to choose between the two systems.

Both devices are built around the proven technology: the FDA approved use of intense blue non UV light to kill acne causing bacteria deep in the lower layers of the skin before they break out in the characteristic spots. The light also works to smooth the skin’s surface after it has been blotched by the past outbreak of acne.

When it comes to pricing and maintenance costs, the BlueMD system wins hands down. The device is priced fairly considering the savings you will make by avoiding regular visits to a dermatologist’s office.

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