Picking The Right Present For Your Boss

Your boss might be one of the hardest people to pick a gift for. Many employees are afraid of offending their bosses – in other words, what happens if they give the wrong gift and lose their job? Just like buying a gift for anyone else, it’s important to consider the boss’s personality, sense of humor, likes/dislikes, and hobbies. Whether you’re buying a present for Boss’s Day, a birthday, a holiday, or a retirement party, keep reading for helpful ideas on what to choose.

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Thoughtful Gifts

Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift and nothing beats being on your boss’s good side! Because the man/woman in charge is probably busy, gifts that encourage organization or time-saving are always appreciated. Plus, if your supervisor or boss has a good day, chances are you will too!

Consider desk organization tools such as:

  • Letter organizer
  • Coffee maker (or tea set)
  • Notepad
  • Password organizer
  • Laptop tray with cup holder (great for bosses working from home)
  • Charging station for smartphone

Let’s say the boss is a healthy gal who likes to go to the gym during her lunch break. Or maybe he’s a guy trying to cut down on drinks from the vending machine. An example of a thoughtful gift is a compartmentalized water bottle that allows the user to create infused water. The “Define Bottle” by UncommonGoods features a lower compartment for herbs/fruit and an upper compartment for water. A strainer stops pulp from entering the top part and the base is freezable. You can use it anywhere and there’s a carrying strap for when you’re on the go. This bottle is easy to clean, promotes healthy drinking habits, and saves money.

Once in awhile gifts from the opposite sex to the boss are misinterpreted. Try your best not to make this gift seem romantic. If you’re looking for a gift for him as in your boyfriend or husband, click here.

Personalized Gifts

14907-33295Does the man/woman in charge like to be pampered? Does he/she like to own things that nobody else has? If so, consider choosing a personalized gift. If the boss does a lot of traveling, consider an embroidered travel bag, bathroom case, laptop bag, suitcase, or makeup bag. The item will be unique and won’t get lost with similar-looking luggage.

Take a look into the boss’s office. Is her/her desk mostly free of clutter and decorations? If so, consider a personalized paperweight. Other personalized options include mugs, frames, and journals.

Funny Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a humorous gift, right? Just look online and you’ll find an endless supply. Indeed, many employees turn to funny, quirky gifts when buying for their boss simply because they don’t know what else to buy. With this category, however, you need to be careful. Consider your boss’s sense of humor.

If the boss already has a lot of funny gifts, you probably shouldn’t add another to the pile. It’s also important to keep in mind how your boss feels about profanity. If you think it through and think your boss would enjoy a funny gift, consider the following:

  • Portable indoor/outdoor golf game (usually includes collapsible flags, balls, a few clubs and tees, and a carrying case)
  • Funny paperweight (image above-left) that can help him/her make executive decisions
  • Sound button that plays sounds like “NO,” “applause,” “no whining,” or “damn”
  • Signs that say things like “bang head here to relieve stress”

Luxury Gifts

203402-p1Whether they have a really amazing boss, need to get back on his/her good side, or just have some extra money, some employees decide to splurge on a gift for the boss.

If this describes you, consider tickets to a sporting event. If you know which team(s) he/she likes, tickets are a great way to help him/her relax while doing something you know he/she will enjoy. Whether it’s baseball, football, or hockey, make sure to get two tickets so a friend or significant other can come along for the day.

If you have a new boss who has been hired from out of town, surprise him/her with a guided tour of the city. This will help him/her feel welcomed as well as teach him/her about your town.

Taking notes during a meeting can be a hassle, especially when laptops aren’t an option. To make paper and pens a thing of the past, surprise your boss with an LCD eWriter. There are cheaper versions available, but your best bet is a device that can sync up to Mac computers, PCs, smartphones, and iPads like the LCD eWriter by Sharper Image ($130). It is rechargeable, will save paper, and can be used as a presentation tool. This device can be used for emailing and working remotely. The Sharper Image LCD eWriter is Bluetooth capable and features a large screen (9.7″ diagonal).

If the above gift is a little too pricey, consider an aromatherapy diffuser/humidifier ($70). Pleasant smells promote relaxation and help relieve stress. Using no heat or chemicals, this compact and portable device uses only essential oil and water. Some versions also have colorful LED lights.

About Boss’s Day

happy-boss-day-greeting-cardsInvented by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958, National Boss’s Day was created as a thank-you to great employers for being kind and fair. The holiday was also designed to promote a bond between employees and the boss, but is seen as controversial by some due to all the bad bosses out there. In the USA, we thank our bosses on October 16. National Boss’s Day is celebrated in several other countries including Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Haroski was working in Illinois for State Farm Insurance when she decided that there should be a day designated to show appreciation to bosses across the country. She realized that young employees sometimes don’t realize how hard their bosses work. Haroski was working for her dad at the time. His birthday was the 16th of October.

Haroski’s sweet gesture became a secular holiday in 1962 with the support of the Governor of Illinois and became a “Hallmark holiday” in 1979. There is also a day dedicated to employees (“Employee Appreciation Day”) that is celebrated in the US on March 4th.

Whatever the occasion, we hope that the above ideas and advice will help you choose the perfect gift for your boss!

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