Clarisonic Plus

The Clarisonic Plus is the model created to function both as a facial and body cleaning device. This is particularly notable for individuals suffering from full-body skin difficulties, including acne, dryness, and even sun damage. The Plus comes with separate heads for the body and face, a 2-year warranty, and a fourth mode specifically engineered for use on the body. In addition, Clarisonic’s Plus possesses a battery life of 30 minutes for facial use and 20 minutes for use on the body. As with all other Clarisonic cleaning devices, the Plus may be used in the shower for convenience. At a price point of only $25 more than the Aria, any individual with problematic skin on any area apart from the face would do well to look into this machine.

Individuals who chose the Plus over the Aria commended Clarisonic’s addition of a body brush, as it provides relief not only from body acne, but also from enlarged pores, bumpy skin, and ingrown hair. The facial cleaning modes are equally effective, allowing many women suffering from the advances of age to turn back the clock to youthful, clear skin. The only defect mentioned by users is the battery life; many users saw a marked decrease in battery life after several months of use. The warranty, however, does cover battery failure, and rendered this particular complaint irrelevant.

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