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Numerous products line grocery and drug store shelves, promising the latest in self-improvement—both inside and out. Who can blame them? Billboards, television, and radio commercials all encourage viewers and listeners to be their best; we must have the best hair, the best smile, and the best skin. Fortunately, some of these products do exist, making walking to the mirror in the morning less an arduous task and more a pleasurable visit. Clarisonic, a beauty supply company, boasts a range of these products, each designed to deliver the best in skincare.

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Clarisonic Mia 2

Clarisonic’s Mia 2 is designed to be used for a litany of troubles, including acne, enlarged pores, too-greasy (or too-dry) skin, and resistance to creams and moisturizers. Mia 2 is a handheld cleaning device characterized by a spinning head and slender body created to fit into the curves of users’ hands. The device may be used with Clarisonic’s own cleansing serums, or may be used with the user’s usual cleansers. With two speeds, Mia 2 may be used to cleanse sensitive or normal skin. After turning the device on, users simply allow the rotating head to brush against facial epidermis, removing dirt, cleaning pores, and scraping away any dead layers. This allows skin to regenerate, resulting in smaller pores, a clearer complexion, and greater reception to creams and lotion.

Mia 2 is the follow-up to Clarisonic’s Mia. The Mia was the first of Clarisonic’s deep-cleaning devices and, though it was an effective tool, many users expressed a desire for more customization. As a result, the Mia 2 included two speeds (sensitive and universal) for users, as well as an extended warranty, and a portable travel case to ensure organization and cleanliness. Though the devices are certainly comparable, the 2 is the better device for individuals in need of sensitive skin care and portability.

Users found Mia 2 was most effective for exfoliating, reducing pore size, and keeping acne under control. Of those that enjoyed the product, most were able to cease use of expensive concealers and serums, in favor of the product and a simple cleanser. Many were careful to note, however, that the Mia 2 may cause mild breakouts in the first few weeks of use, as it may bring hidden impurities to the surface of skin. Majority of those who continued to use the device, however, found that the breakouts faded in favor of more youthful, healthy skin. Individuals who were displeased with the product focused more on the potential for scams; many different avenues exist online to sell counterfeit Clarisonic products, which typically go bad after a few months. Select few users found the brush was too harsh on skin, and caused some redness and a decrease in the overall appearance of skin.

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Clarisonic Aria

The Aria is somewhat larger than the Mia 2, and is most notable for its addition of a third speed and a drying rack. The Aria has a sensitive speed, a universal speed, and a powerful skin. Though the universal speed is ideal for most skin types, sensitive skin will benefit from the sensitive skin mode, while tough skin will respond best to the powerful mode of cleansing. This cleaner is a little more heavy duty than Mia, and has a wall adapter and drying stand included in the purchase, as well as Mia’s 2-year warranty. This product is best for those with hard-to-clean skin, as well as those seeking a greater battery life; the Aria’s batter lasts at least 10 minutes longer than Clarisonic’s two lower models.

The Aria received rave reviews. The most common praise for the machine was its ability to smooth and clear up skin, as well as the addition of a charging light; as the battery begins to die, the indicator light glows a different color, allowing users to plug the device in as necessary, rather than hoping the battery is charged. This, in addition to the advent of a third speed, was considered worth the $50 upcharge from the Mia 2. Though users generally compared the Aria favorably versus the Mia 2, some users did report some difficulty with the Aria; individuals with naturally clear skin found that the device led to greater breakouts than before. Consequently, the Aria is suggested for individuals with troubled skin, rather than those without aesthetic difficulty.

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Clarisonic Plus

The Clarisonic Plus is the model created to function both as a facial and body cleaning device. This is particularly notable for individuals suffering from full-body skin difficulties, including acne, dryness, and even sun damage. The Plus comes with separate heads for the body and face, a 2-year warranty, and a fourth mode specifically engineered for use on the body. In addition, Clarisonic’s Plus possesses a battery life of 30 minutes for facial use and 20 minutes for use on the body. As with all other Clarisonic cleaning devices, the Plus may be used in the shower for convenience. At a price point of only $25 more than the Aria, any individual with problematic skin on any area apart from the face would do well to look into this machine.

Individuals who chose the Plus over the Aria commended Clarisonic’s addition of a body brush, as it provides relief not only from body acne, but also from enlarged pores, bumpy skin, and ingrown hair. The facial cleaning modes are equally effective, allowing many women suffering from the advances of age to turn back the clock to youthful, clear skin. The only defect mentioned by users is the battery life; many users saw a marked decrease in battery life after several months of use. The warranty, however, does cover battery failure, and rendered this particular complaint irrelevant.

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Conclusion and Verdict

Though each Clarisonic machine is different, they all have one thing in common: deep, effective cleansing. When readers are considering the different models and which they should choose, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Mia 2 is best for individuals just entering the cleansing scene, with sensitive or less troubled skin. With a travel case, and two speeds, it is best for portability and convenience.
  • Clarisonic’s Aria, with an additional speed, drying rack, and wall charger, is best for individuals with tougher, acne-prone skin seeking a larger, more powerful device. At only $50 more, users will see a deeper, more intensive cleanse.
  • The Pro is best for anyone seeking all-over skin care. With two different heads (one for face, one for body) and two sets of controls (again, one for the face, and one for the body), this device is an effective method of controlling acne and troublesome skin on both the body and the face. At only $25 more, many users find this to be Clarisonic’s best value.

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