Double Stroller Selection Guide

Strollers are a tricky enough subject for a single child. Throw in a second, older child (or twin), and shopping grows far more difficult. Fortunately, there are numerous products that have been developed to meet the needs of families with two little ones in need of transportation, whether they are double strollers for twins or for disparate-aged siblings. The information detailed below will bring to light important information regarding how to choose the double stroller that’s right for you, whether exercising or strolling around the grocery store.

Graco DuoGlider Classic

Graco’s DuoGlider Classic is an affordable double stroller, designed with simplicity and ease in mind. Though most customers are pleased with this product’s performance, some users do experience some difficulty regarding older children. Because older children are taller and weigh more than infants, the seat may prove ineffective for toddlers; Graco’s design is targeted toward a maximum of 40 pounds per seat.

Toddlers meeting this weight limit, however, will likely find the stroller perfectly comfortable. Both seats are able to recline (the second reclining entirely), allowing infants and toddlers alike the opportunity to nap or relax while walking.

A tray bearing up holders and an extra-large storage bag offer convenience to parents of two little ones, allowing them to carry enough snacks, drinks, and supplies for parents and children both. The front wheels are lockable, as well, for parents’ convenience. Additionally, this stroller has a single-hand closing mechanism. Graco’s DuoGlider is capable of holding two Graco brand infant car seats, simplifying transportation for children who have fallen asleep while driving or while being carried in their seats. Parents agree: Graco’s DuoGlider is a strong, sturdy, and affordable duallie option.

Britax B-Agile Double

Where Graco’s double walker is affordable and sturdy, Britax’s B-Agile is luxurious and designed with craftsmanship in mind. Unlike the Graco, Britax’s device boasts a side-by-side ride, allowing both children to view the outside world on equal footing. The B-Agile is more versatile for parents of two young children, as it allows for ten more pounds on each seat, for a total of 100 pounds. Both seats are capable of reclining, providing a comfortable ride for children from birth to toddlerhood.

For the convenience of parents, Britax provides users with a significant storage basket extending from all sides of the stroller, as well as an adjustable handle to accommodate parents of all heights. Parents also enjoy the added amenities, such as zippered pockets on the back of each seat for additional storage, rear wheel lock, easy-fold technology, and capacity for a single car seat.

Parents found the quality of the frame and fabric extremely high, and were amazed by the dexterity of the product during use and its compact nature, despite being a double. Parents also found the convenience of the storage basket hard to beat; because the storage basket may be accessed from behind, as well as beneath the foot rests, parents are able to watch their children closely while searching through their belongings.

BOB Stroller Strides Duallie

BOB’s Duallie boasts a side-by-side construction with a single front wheel, in the style of a jogger. This particular jogger is designed with exercising parents in mind, and even comes equipped with exercise tubing and a manual targeted toward assisting parents in exercising while pushing their children.

The single wheel in the front is lock-equipped, allowing parents to jog with the front wheel in a front-facing position, or to go over rough terrain without worrying about child safety. The stroller comes equipped with the ability to attach a snack tray and car seat adapters, allowing mothers and fathers to take children of all ages out to exercise.

Though it is both a double stroller and a jogging stroller, BOB’s model is relatively lightweight and easily folded, allowing parents easy access to exercising with their children and improving ease of use—though parents are quick to caution prospective users against purchasing the stroller as an everyday source of transportation. Parents are also appreciative of the product’s highly padded seats, making jogging or running an enjoyable trip for parents and children alike. Finally, BOB’s jogger model possesses a shallow basket beneath the seats to store all exercise necessities, such as snacks, toys (for children), and water.

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport

Jeep’s double umbrella stroller is a lightweight double stroller designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. Because it is an umbrella stroller, there are some limitations regarding age of passengers. Umbrella strollers do not provide the same level of support as traditional strollers, and should not be used with infants unable to support their own heads.

Despite this, however, Jeep’s umbrella stroller backs are capable of reclining and possess ample padding. Because it is an umbrella stroller, Jeep’s Twin Sport does not offer a wide array of storage options, instead providing parents with cargo bags and parent trays.

As an umbrella stroller, Jeep’s Twin Sport is extremely lightweight, and is capable of easy folding and storage. For this reason, it is not equipped with a car seat adapter, nor is it equipped with heavy-duty parts and fabrics. Instead, it is equipped with difficult-to-tear fabric applied with wear and tear in mind. Parents are typically most excited about the portability of this particular double stroller model, as it folds down and stores easily, as well as popping up easily for on-the-go transportation, and is a prime stroller for airport security excursions. Parents are also impressed with the stroller’s durability for older children, and many report using this stroller for years as their children grow older and taller.

In Parting

Choosing a stroller can be quite difficult—a double stroller even more so. Each of the strollers above has a unique set of characteristics, endearing it to a certain type of individual or family. Graco’s model, for instance:

  • Combines usability with affordability
  • Offers a wide array of features
  • Provides parents with a cheap double stroller without sacrificing quality.

Britax’s model is more luxurious in nature, and is best for parents seeking the absolute best double stroller for their little ones. BOB’s stroller provides parents with the ultimate in exercise joggers, and the jeep model provides parents with a simple, easy means of transporting their children—and their strollers.

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