Environmental Destruction And Human Health

4Climate change is the shift ┬áin the global climate due to natural and human causes. It continues to impact negatively on human health especially in developing countries. The ozone layer serves the function of protecting the earth from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) radiations. However, due to increased C02 emissions in the atmosphere, this layer is slowly facing depletion. These UV radiations have the potential to cause skin cancer if they strike the earth’s surface directly. Incidences of skin cancer have been prevalent in the past, and are believed to double every 7-8 years. The hole in ozone layer is widening, and with continued emission of these harmful gases, the health problems caused by UV radiations are expected to be rife.

Human activities such as deforestation and natural swamp cultivation especially in African highlands has created optimum conditions for mosquito larvae to survive. As a result, mosquito population has more than doubled thus Malaria outbreak in Africa has been prevalent. This infectious disease affects mostly children below 5 years and is a major cause of infant mortality. Increase in precipitation can also lead to mosquito population to more than double but indirectly. This is because increase in precipitation contributes to emergence of swamps and floods, which provide viable breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Malaria outbreak has been rife in countries such as Venezuela because of El Nino.

Variations in temperature and precipitation jeopardize agricultural production especially in third world countries hence threatening the health and growth of children in such countries. Adult capacity is also in potential peril due to this. Post disaster mental health problems could also result due to climate change. When floods strike, people may be displaced from their homes, their property may be swept away leaving them in abject poverty and this can negatively affect their psychological well being. It is even worse if their loved ones are swept by such floods.

Increased Carbon dioxide (C02) emission in the atmosphere leads to global warming which in turn leads to extremely high temperatures and humidity with the potential to cause heat stroke, an extremely complicated health condition in humans. This condition has the potential to kill. Also, pollen production quadruples when C02 emission doubles. Pollen has been known to cause asthma and if not regulated the number of asthma patients will rise to alarming levels.

Environmental_disastersFlood waters run on the earth’s surface carrying with it chemicals, manures, detergents and other dirts which are eventually deposited in rivers and lakes .This is common in under-developed countries. These water bodies provide drinking water to many individuals who reside by. When such waters are polluted, spread of water borne diseases such as cholera will be prevalent.

If not properly dealt with, then the potential negative effects of environmental destruction on human health will be unbearable.


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