Fractionation, the Secret Seduction Technique Demystified

Have you ever seen a guy walk up to a girl and in less than 20 minutes she’s kissing him or leaving the bar with him? Chances are he just used fractionation, an “underground” seduction technique that is said to be the quickest and most intense form of seduction ever developed. Keep reading to learn more about this mysterious theory.


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flirt-2014-freeHave you ever dreamed of having that prince charming quality? The ability to instantly attract women without effort? Fractionation is rumored to give men superpowers when it comes to seduction. The concept was first explored by famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Many years later, the fractionation technique was developed by John Grinder. Derek Rake perfected the method during the 1990’s and then released a course called Sonic Seduction (still for sale online).

Fractionation gets its name from the scientific definition of the same word: a separation process in which one mixture is divided into a number of smaller parts. In regards to seduction, fractionation is a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion. Fractionation messes with a woman’s mind and has been referred to as:

  • A “dark art”
  • Controversial
  • Amoral
  • Unethical
  • Brainwashing
  • A hack
  • Deadly

Due to its power, the “seductionists” who perfected fractionation warn against using it. Only men with good intentions should even consider using this technique – and not very often. Supporters of the theory claim that fractionation can make a woman fall in love and get in bed with you in just 15 minutes – but is it true? Despite all the hype about fractionation, the method is really just a specific conversation technique aimed to elicit strong emotions from a female that she will then associate with the man next to her (you).

Dating coaches will advise against this technique because 1.) It’s very hard to accomplish and 2.) It’s really not fair to the girl. That being said, many men have benefitted from the practice.

Techniques and Preparation

You can’t just walk up to a woman and start saying things to get her emotions going! Although fractionation is said to work for anyone, you need to “prepare the playing field,” so to speak. Before you attempt fractionation, work on the following:

  • Leadership Skills – girls like leaders, not followers; think “alpha male”
  • Special Interests – be unique! What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • Social Skills – you need to know how to talk to women; girls don’t like an awkward guy. Practice your social skills by talking to men and women around town.
  • Confidence – the #1 most attractive quality to women, no matter what your body type!!
  • Know the Area – you want to be familiar with the hot spots around town.

The goal here is to put yourself in a position so that the woman you’re eying already wants you (before you start talking). Make sure you look your best (wear something trendy, smell nice, etc.). Click here for a list of the types of men women don’t like.

The Emotional Ride

cuplu1Fractionation is similar to the tactic used by soap operas: likable, easy to identify with characters are exposed to heart-wrenching drama in order to get the audience emotionally invested in the show. And it works – think about how many women like soap operas! In regards to seduction, fractionation can be described as a combination of “mind control,” body language, tone of voice, and hypnosis. There are two basic steps in this seduction technique:

Step One: Build an emotional bond (without her knowing) 

This is where good conversational skills and body language come into play. You need to know how to talk to girls before you can attempt fractionation. The goal here is to establish trust between the two of you. This bond encourages her to open up to you, which is vital to the second step. When you find the woman you want to talk to, stay away from the mindset that she’s “out of your league.” Instead, you want to make her feel like you are out of her league. When you start talking, stay confident and ask her lots of questions about herself (women love to talk about themselves).

Step Two: Emotional conversation 

Create compelling conversation that elicits emotional ups and downs (she will then anchor the ups to you). First, ask her to describe something that made her happy. Next, ask her to tell you about something that made her sad or afraid. Repeat the sequence once more and she’s all yours. When a woman feels positive and negative emotions in quick succession combined with the aura you’re giving off, your tone of voice, and your body language, she’ll melt. The theory is based on polarity: when the human brain is exposed to a sequence of pleasure/pain/pleasure/pain it creates a strong emotional bond.

Polarity Examples:

  • “You know how good it feels to have your best friend right next to you? Like you can take on the world together? I had a friend like that. One day she got sick and died. She was just … gone.”
  • Have you ever met a person and felt deep down that it was meant to be? That fate had brought you together? I experienced that once. We became so close, so fast. Only a few weeks later she got into a car accident and she was just … gone.”

As you can probably guess, it’s not easy to weave these topics into conversation. This is going to take a LOT of practice. Fractionation is very hard to master, but once you figure it out you should be able to get any woman you want.

More Advice

girl-flirting-with-guy-outsideTry to build suspense when talking to women – just think how much girls love drama! In other words, don’t express that you are into her right away. Make her work for your attention and act aloof. If she feels too comfortable around you, she will lose interest. It’s also okay to confuse her a little. If you’ve just started dating someone, act nonchalant one minute and very “into her” the next. This sort of behavior keeps her on her toes and will drive her crazy (in a good way)!

Things to Avoid

After you’ve taken a girl home or earned a few dates, keep in mind that the work has just begun. Below is a list of behaviors to AVOID whether you’re single or in a relationship.

  • Asking for morning sex after you’ve spent all night having sex – face it, she’s probably sore or tired. And have you brushed your teeth?
  • Lack of manners – men who are rude, talk down to others, or can’t say a sentence without swearing are not attractive; in other words, be a gentleman!
  • Talking about how hot mutual friends or other women are – this is just annoying
  • Telling an angry female to calm down – this may be the most infuriating behavior of all time
  • Complain about the girl’s period
  • Posting pictures of yourself hanging out with scantily clad women – this just isn’t tasteful
  • Let your hygiene go south – seriously, body odor is the worst thing ever, not to mention cologne can be an aphrodisiac
  • Act cocky – women associate cockiness with lack of loyalty


Follow the above advice, do your homework, and if you think you’re ready, go ahead and try fractionation. Don’t be afraid to walk away if it doesn’t work.  The best part is that the technique can be used on ANYONE – the girl next door, the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, your best friend, a coworker, even an ex wife or current girlfriend! Good luck! 


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