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Boys between the ages of 16 and 18 are downright rowdy. Getting into trouble with teachers, neighbors, girls – even the law – is all in the cards. Encourage him to fuel that boisterous nature with sports and hobbies to keep him out of trouble. Show him how much you care with the perfect gift next holiday or birthday. Keep reading for ideas.


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2018’s Ultimate Gift List For Teen Boys

We did the hard work so you don’t have to crack your brains to come up with gift ideas. This year’s teen boys’ gift list include a mix of both high tech gadgets and back to nature items like a bonsai tree seed starter kit. How about a delicious chocolate gift basket or a beanie hat with built in bluetooth speakers?

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Age 16

0234567895517_500X500Technology, technology, and more technology. Most of today’s 16-year-old guys are in love with technology. Our luxury recommendation – if he doesn’t already have one – is a cell phone. He definitely needs one if he has his driver’s license and will soon be driving alone. Another gadget that will impress his friends is a media streaming player. This gift will give him access to TV, music, and videos he can enjoy alone or with his friends.

If he already has the gadgets he needs, you could go the cheap route and get him accessories to match, such as:

  • Cases/covers
  • Headphones
  • Car charger
  • Pillow stand (for a tablet)

Teen boys typically spend lots of time in their rooms. They want their bedroom to be a cool place to hang out alone or with friends. Help him transition from kid decorations to more adult décor with a personalized street sign. This unique wall item looks cool just about anywhere and is so much better than catching him stealing a real street sign! You can order a personalized street sign with any name for just $24.99 on

For more practical room decorations, consider beanbag chairs. Inexpensive and comfortable, one or two of these retro chairs will turn his room into a lounge. If he’s into sports and fitness, he’ll love a pull up bar that attaches to the doorframe of his bedroom. Although a little more expensive, a mini fridge is something he is sure to love. Perfect for snacks and drinks he’ll need when studying, he can also take the mini fridge with him to college in a few years.

If your 16-year-old is a prankster, he’ll love Lightning Reaction Reloaded Shocking Game, a test of speed in which the loser gets shocked! This funny gift is great for tricking parents and siblings. You can buy the shocking game on Amazon for $25.49.

Age 17

IpadIf your seventeen-year-old has been hard at work on his first job, reward him with a luxury gift this birthday or Christmas. Our recommendation is the iPad. At about $400, the iPad is sort of an introduction to owning a laptop – only cheaper and less fragile. A smaller version, the iPad Mini, is available for about $220. This is a great gift for multiple family members to chip in on and give together. All versions of the iPad are great for:

  • Homework
  • TV
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Surfing the web
  • Staying organized
  • Reading

Seventeen-year-old boys like to impress the ladies. Help him with his fashion sense by providing him with cool clothing and accessories. Because boys of this age are constantly growing and have particular tastes, don’t surprise him with a clothing item that he might not like. Instead, offer a gift card to his favorite store. Or even better: take him to the mall (with the budget explained beforehand).

Your teenager might be the hardest person to buy for on your entire holiday list. If you’re looking for a safe gift he’s sure to enjoy, consider the following:

  • Gas card – if he has a car, he needs gas!
  • Nice watch – every man needs a quality watch.
  • Quality wallet – good wallets can last 10+ years!
  • Multi-purpose tool – great for emergencies or tinkering in the garage.

Last but not least, the ultimate cool gift for a 17-year-old boy: concert tickets. Surprise him with two tickets to a concert or sporting event so that he can take a friend or girlfriend. Believe us – he’ll think you’re the coolest parent or relative in town! Give the two of them some extra money for food so they can have an entire evening of fun. Let them drive themselves (if possible) and enjoy a night without a chaperone. You never know, he might just surprise you with how responsible he’s becoming!


ImageNameRating (out of 5)PriceIdeal for AgesWhy this makes a good gift
41fd-3yit-LOversized Bean Bag Chair by Flash Furniture4.4$66.6716Turn his room into a retro lounge with one or two comfortable beanbag chairs. Flash Furniture beanbags feature machine-washable removable slipcovers. The lightweight model pictured at left is available in navy blue, red, brown green, and pink.
10195806Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar4.2$24.4316-18If he’s into sports and/or health and fitness, he’ll love this convenient pull-up bar by Perfect Fitness.

This simple piece of equipment offers a full upper body workout and attaches to standard door frames (adjusts to fit frames between 27" and 35” wide).

*No drilling required; 220lb. weight limit.
LightningReactionGameMainLightning Reaction Reloaded - Shocking Game4.4$24.9916-18Pranksters will love this shockingly fun game – a test of speed in which the loser gets a surprising jolt of electricity; perfect for parties and for tricking siblings and parents.

*Three shock settings; requires 3 AAA batteries.
8337607.01.prodApple iPad Air MD785LL/B (16GB)4.6$300.0017-18Teens love technology, and this luxury gift is sure to please. For college-bound students, an iPad is the perfect precursor to a “real” laptop.

He can use his new iPad for Netflix, homework, music, browsing the web, watching movies, reading, taking photos, and staying organized.

*Lasts up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery.
P0011236bPersonalized Street Sign4.7$24.99
16Teen boys like to hang out in their bedrooms. Surprise him with a fun, personalized street sign that he can hang on the wall.

It looks cool in any room (and will prevent him from stealing a real one!). Order a sign with up to 20 characters on

*Metal sign; appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.
51BQ1woa8cLGas Card4.8--17-18A gift card might not be the most exciting thing to unwrap, but he will certainly appreciate it. The card pictured at left is for gas only, but teens will also appreciate general Visa gift cards as well as cards for Wal Mart, Target, Starbucks, and restaurants.
urlOverwatch - Origins Edition - Xbox One4.4$59.8816-18Overwatch is one of the hottest video games on the market right now. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, this online battle arena features unmatched graphics, quick gameplay, and cooperative missions.

*Available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
61jQvSDBUzL._SX425_Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit4.6$50.5618A great gift for the teen who likes to pamper his car, this kit includes car “shampoo” and “conditioner,” wax, high gloss gel, quick detailer, quick interior detailer, PlastX, ScratchX, a microfiber towel, a microfiber wash mitt, a foal applicator pad, and two 50-gram clay bars w/ clamshell container.
kindle-paperwhite-second-generation-ereader-review-somegadgetguy-3-695x463Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader4.5$99.9917-18Does he like to read?

Kindle’s newest e-reader features 300ppi resolution, a built-in light (for reading during the day or night), and no screen glare. The Paperwhite is lighter than a single book and can contain thousands of stories.

More than 1 million titles available for less than $3 each; fully charged battery lasts weeks.


Age 18

Many view the eighteenth birthday as the age at which a boy becomes a man. Encourage this attitude with an adult gift like a money clip, cufflinks (perfect if prom is coming up), or leather jacket. Although he might think this type of gift unusual at the time, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to utilize these items in the future – and he will always look back and remember the day he received them.

Many 18-year-olds are preparing for college. Help him on his way with a practical gift that will help him on his collegiate journey. If you can afford it, the best option is a laptop. While definitely a luxury choice, the whole family (+ relatives) can chip in.

Common gifts for college-bound teens include gift cards to stores like Walmart and Target. While some believe that monetary gifts should stop at age 18, we don’t agree. A gift card might not seem like much, but he’ll really appreciate the extra money when shopping for food, school supplies, and dorm furniture. If he’s been accepted to a college far from home, surprise him with a nice luggage set. It will come in handy when he moves and when he flies home to visit. In regards to price, luggage sets can range from budget to luxury depending on where you buy.

Does he like video games? If he’s always on his Xbox, ask him if there are any new games he wants. Believe it or not, video games are a great way to make new friends in college. Plus, it’s a safe bet he’ll enjoy a new game.

Looking for a budget option? How about something for his car. This can be anything from a seat cover to a car trash can. Maintenance kits are always helpful. And while it’s not exactly an “exciting” gift, paying for a month or two of his car insurance will be appreciated if he usually has to pay for it himself (great gift from someone outside the immediate family).

The examples above should have you well on your way to choosing the perfect gift. Remember, before you choose a gift, ask yourself what he likes to do and where his life is headed. Answering these two questions will help you find the perfect gift. If you’re also looking for gift ideas for girls between the ages of 16 and 18, click here for our recommendations.

Check out our gift ideas for younger boys aged 7 to 12 here.


  • PERSONALIZED: Spice up his bedroom with a personalized street sign. Available on for just $24.99.

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