A Token of Appreciation for your Groomsmen

You’ve made your proposal and she said yes! Congratulations, the hard part is over. If wedding bells are in your future, you have a lot of decisions coming your way. While the groom doesn’t usually have as much to worry about (a tux is easier to pick out than a dress, right?), he will have to choose a very important group of people to stand beside him on his special day and pick a unique and memorable gift for each one.

Your Gift

A groomsman gift is the groom’s way of saying thank you for supporting him through a stressful time, spending money on a tuxedo, ushering somebody’s grandma down the aisle, and behaving yourself during the reception. Make it personal. While brides typically give their bridesmaids matching gifts, we recommend giving each groomsmen something different. This gift is a symbol of the end of your bachelor life – sort of like a final high five. That being said, never let the bride pick out groomsmen gifts!


9-piece-oversized-bbq-grill-tool-set-with-caseWant to play it safe with a common, practical gift he will love and use in the future? Go for masculine gifts. Perhaps the most classic groomsmen gift is a leather or silver flask. This traditional, practical gift has a guy-bonding quality and isn’t too expensive.

For the guy who likes to host parties, we suggest Exclusively Wedding’s oversized grill set. The set includes everything he needs for a successful cookout:

  • Tongs
  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Sauce Brush
  • Skewers
  • Multi-function spatula

For less than $40, he’ll be the envy of the party. The set comes with a durable canvas bag that can be embroidered for a personal touch.

Is one of your groomsmen an athlete? Surprise him with a high-quality gym bag. OGIO is a good example. Their bags are heavy-duty and come with a padded shoulder strap and reinforced bottom. OGIO bags feature a cool design with lots of space and pockets – even a separate spot for shoes!

A few more traditional, masculine gift ideas:

  • Money clip
  • Leather wallet
  • Tie clip
  • Poker set
  • Shaving kit
  • Chef knives
  • Meat branding iron
  • Swiss army knife (some now include flash drives)


Do your friends know why all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon?

Treat your groomsmen to a whiskey or bourbon tasting and let them each pick out a bottle, mug, or glass (this may not be feasible with big groups). While a tasting is the perfect surprise to include during a destination wedding, it’s also possible anywhere with the Star Spangled Bourbon sampling pack available on Flaviar.com for just $49.99. The set includes five 45mL bottles plus a tasting guide. If you plan to give each groomsmen a different gift, this would be a great option for the best man. We recommend pairing this gift with a set of whiskey stones.

Getting married on the beach? Outfit your groomsmen in matching sunglasses. Not only will matching sunglasses look great in photos, but this a gift that will be useful in the future. If you want to make things silly, get cheap sunglasses and include them in a gift basket for your guys. If you want the sunglasses to be a serious gift, choose a stylish, polarized option that will protect their eyes and look appropriate with everyday clothing.


img18cIf you’re choosing the same gift for all your groomsmen, it’s not a bad idea to add a personal touch. This could be anything from choosing different colors to engraving their names.

For a gift he can use, we recommend the Everyday Leather iPad Envelope. This classy, sleek case comes in several colors, includes free monogramming and is perfect for men who use their iPads at work.The soft inside keeps tablets safe and clean. You can check it out at MarkandGraham.com.

Tip: If you’re giving each groomsman different gifts, make sure to spend approximately the same amount of money on each one. If that isn’t possible, make up the difference with a gift card. And don’t forget, the best man is entitled to an extra-special gift.


Your gift doesn’t have to be something your friends can unwrap. If you don’t want to clutter their houses with more stuff, thank them for their efforts with an experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Have a friend who loves working out? Pay for a few months of his gym membership.
  • Have a friend who is trying to get in shape? Hire a personal trainer.
  • Want to plan a fun day with your groomsmen? Surprise your friends with tickets to a concert or sporting event.
  • Make a memory: surprise them with athletic gear and then let them know you’ve signed them up for a mud run.
  • Take them out for an afternoon of golf. 
  • Treat them to dinner at a steakhouse.

cooler chairWhile slightly unusual, we love the cooler chair by The Knot Shop. How many times have you been stuck around the campfire without a chair? Problem solved: this cooler has a chair attached. The Knot Shop offers several different colors and a monogramming option. The chair is perfect not only for camping, but for sporting events and the beach. Indulge his laid-back style with a gift that will make him comfortable wherever he goes. Make it even better by filling the cooler with some of his favorite drinks. This portable treasure can hold up to 24 cans.


Did you know that groomsmen were originally called “bride’s knights”? That’s right, in long-ago Europe it was the duty of the groomsmen to protect the bride, making sure she (and her dowry) was safe and intact when she arrived at the groom’s house. Groomsmen were also used in emergency cases to kidnap the bride if her parents didn’t like the groom. These brave men traditionally stood on the bride’s right so that their sword arms were free.

Groomsmen in today’s world are responsible for planning the bachelor party, escorting bridesmaids, and having a good time! The best man has a little more responsibility and is usually expected to give a speech during the wedding reception. Are you a groomsmen? Click here for a quick Q&A about weddings.

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