Ideas For That Special HER In Your Life This Season (All Age & Price Ranges)

Some items make evergreen gifts, for example, the elegant Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Birthstone Bangle Bracelet. Many classic book titles also make the list this year, like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings: look out for deluxe editions and limited edition boxed sets meant for gift giving. Check out the links below for more ideas:

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Relaxation & Therapy 

Numerous retailers cater entirely to the development of relaxation and therapy products for women—ranging from hand-held massage tools to relaxing bubble bath concoctions. The advantage of such gifts is that they are less subjected to personal tastes & quirks (unlike say, fashion accessories). Relaxation and therapy-related gifts can span a large range of ages and backgrounds, all the way from a teenage niece to an 80-year-old grandmother. When choosing something from this category, consider the receiver; bubble bath and bath bombs are far more likely to entice a younger demographic, while handheld massagers and relaxation CDs will be higher on a middle aged woman’s wish list. These are welcome gifts from virtually any source, making this a great choice for all occasions.


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Diamonds are a women’s best friend, as the saying goes—though this could also be said of jewelry in general. Jewelry makes for unique gifts, as they have the ability to express the sentiments of the giver, while fulfilling the wants and personality of the receiver. For this reason, jewelry makes an excellent gift when it is given by a close friend, family member, or significant other, rather than someone who is only a casual acquaintance or new friend. Jewelry wants will vary greatly with age and background, but is a universally appreciated gift.

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Hobbies & Crafts

Hobbies and crafts have exploded in recent years, thanks in large part to the number of blogs and websites devoted entirely to promoting simple, fun, and useful do-it-yourself projects. These gifts are versatile and cut across all age range. Due to the expansive nature of these gifts, hobby and craft gifts span a massive array of price points, making it an ideal category for people of all socio-economic backgrounds. In addition to being versatile in terms of budget, these gifts are well-received from casual acquaintances and loved ones alike.


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Fragrance & Skincare

Fragrance and skincare gifts have the potential to do wonders—or to greatly offend. When considering a fragrance or skincare gift, look closely at the person the gift is for, as well as the relationship you have or hope to have. Fragrances can offend sensitive noses, while skincare items can offend someone with skin troubles. Gifts in this category are best suited for women 30 and older, and are best given by a girl friend or female family member. These gifts should also be reserved for close relationships, rather than casual or distant ones.

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Watches for women serve many functions, from acting as a statement piece in an outfit, to working as a purely utilitarian instrument. There are also a wide variety of watch styles to suit these needs, with faces and bands as gussied-up or low-key as can be imagined. Watches are gifts suitable for all ages, and can be given with the intention of daily use (college-age or career-driven women) or given more as a piece of jewelry intended to be taken out for a special occasion (for older women). Watches also make an excellent gift regardless of the gift-giver; a well-chosen watch can be appreciated coming from a close friend or a new acquaintance both.

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