Do Gifts Spoil Children?

Children and GiftsWhether you are planning for an upcoming birthday or the holiday season, buying gifts for children is always exciting. Perhaps because of the innocence of children, and seeing the sheer joy on their face, it can make anyone smile right along with them. But, as a parent, sometimes showering children with gifts can leave you a little concerned as to when you cross the line from loving a child to downright spoiling him. Depending on your parenting style, there are some who would say that you can never give your child too many gifts too.

Giving a child too many gifts can cause a number of different issues according to some parenting styles.

  • Become accustomed to receiving gifts – Children who receive, receive, receive sometimes lose sight of the fact that as adults they may not have this same luxury. Oftentimes these children fail to develop good work habits and independence.
  • Develop a lack of appreciation for what is received – When a child gets used to receiving gifts constantly, receiving loses its luster. They tend to think that appreciation is no longer necessary because they will continue to receive anyway.
  • There is no longer a reward for good behavior – If gifts are constantly received, rewards for good behavior, grades, etc. are no longer meaningful. Some would argue that without a reward these children are more likely to act out, seeing as there is no motivation to behave.
  • A greater likelihood of not taking care of what they have – A child that receives new gifts constantly tends to lose appreciation for what they have (as previously mentioned), and a lack of appreciation often causes children to become frivolous with what they have. They are more likely to throw around these toys, break them and lose them as they assume they will just get more.

These issues are just a few of the reasons why some parents choose not to shower their children with gifts and to avoid the problem of a spoiled child.

images (8)Contrary to the aforementioned style of parenting, there are some who believe the opposite and that the more gifts that you give a child the better. Typically these parents don’t believe that gifts spoil a child and they want to make their child happy through all means possible. Many people give gifts for the sheer pleasure of making a child smile and being able to give their child something that perhaps they didn’t have when they were young.

While many parents want to show their child their love and make them happy with even small gifts, one thing is for certain, even small gifts constantly throughout the year can take a little bit away from the fun of a holiday or birthday gift. These holidays and celebrations are something that children typically look forward to because they are fun and do often come with gifts, but if they got some gifts the week prior to the holiday, where’s the excitement? Gift giving can certainly take some of the sparkle and magic away from holiday enjoyment. Whether or not it creates a spoiled child remains controversial.

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