There are numerous hair removal methods currently on the market, some requiring the assistance of a professional, others designed to be used at home. At-home methods include waxing, tweezing, and, as this article covers, epilating. So how exactly do epilators work?

Which Type of Epilator Are You Interested In?:

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“Epilating” is the term used to describe the process of removing hair via a small machine designed to grasp hair close to the root via simple pulling. Epilators allow users to eliminate hair for an extended period of time with the wide space offered by waxing, and the precision of tweezing. For this reason, in a contest of epilators vs waxing or epilating vs shaving, epilators come out on top. That said, when seeking an epilator, it is important to read user reviews and consider quality over the price. Potential users should consider whether a wet or dry epilator is needed, the tweezer count, designated area, the type of head, and the battery presence. Each of these factors will play a significant role in choosing the epilator that is right for you. Let’s take a detailed look at a few of the epilators that fulfill these requirements:

Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive Easy Start


Braun’s Silk-Epil Xpressive is an epilator designed for individuals hoping to epilate in versatile settings ranging from on the go to in the shower. The device is aimed toward use on both the body and the face, and possesses 40 individual tweezers to assist in removing large areas of hair. Braun’s model is also equipped with a small light aimed toward allowing users to find finer, less visible hairs for the smoothest epilating experience possible. Finally, Braun offers users a series of 5 different caps designed to be used on different areas and skin types, including a face cap and a cap for sensitive skin. A cordless model, the Xpressive removes hair for up to 4 weeks and provides users with a superior epilating experience.

Customers expressed the greatest amount of gratitude for Braun’s multiple-head system, as each head allows users to utilize the device for a number of different areas, including the legs, face, and bikini area. Though most customers acknowledged some pain when using this epilator, most found the use and clean-up process easily worth the pain, and were pleased with the primary difference between epilation and shaving: duration of hair removal. Users also express satisfaction regarding Braun’s battery life, as it lasts for a significant period of time, ranging from one to five uses.

Though Braun’s users are typically pleased with the Xpressive, some expressed misgivings. Some users found that the product resulted in a rash or a pain level far too high for their liking. This, however, is likely due to user error, rather than a fault in the machine. Some users were also unimpressed with the customer service provided by Braun in the case of a machine malfunction and found the company somewhat difficult to work with.

Emjoi Emagine

Emjoi’s Emagine is a compact epilator, boasting a head with 72 tweezers. This allows users to cover a far larger area than traditional epilators, making it ideal for users desiring a source of hair removal for the legs, arms, or other large areas. Due to the number of tweezers and reported effectiveness of epilation, this model promises up to six weeks of smooth skin after use, making it an excellent choice for women in need of leg or bikini smoothing for the summer. The Emagine boasts an innovative technology created to lift hairs lying flat or growing awkwardly, eliminating or lessening the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Though the Emjoi model is a dry-use model, it has two speeds for users to choose from and possesses a curving head engineered to follow the natural curves of the human body and face, making for a closer, less time-consuming removal process.

Users were quite pleased with Emjoi’s product, many of whom transferred their use from existing brands and remained loyal to Emjoi. Because it has two heads, most users found this epilator completed its duty far more quickly than traditional epilators, making less room for ingrown hairs and lessening pain. Though this model has a cord, users found the 7-8 feet of cord more than ample for their epilating needs. Overall, users expressed high satisfaction with this product.

Though some unhappy users expressed frustration with the pain brought about by this machine, the greatest complaint came in regard to the warranty offered by Emjoi. Many users found difficulty with calling in the warranty. Some were given the run-around, while others were unable to reach an actual customer service representative, rather than a machine or never-ending ringing. This, however, only proved problematic for those with the odd defective device.

Remington Smooth and Silky

Remington’s Smooth and Silky epilator is designed with user convenience in mind, offering both a wet and dry function, in addition to working on both the body and the face. Like Braun’s model, the Smooth and Silky has 40 tweezers but is able to offer customers up to six weeks of smooth, hair-free skin, rather than Braun’s 4 weeks. Remington’s model has a unique head able to move in order to follow the curves and dips of the human body. Finally, the Smooth and Silky has a light available to highlight any missed or difficult to spot hair.

Remington customers used the Smooth and Silky primarily on the face, due to the low number of tweezers. Users found this model more than effective in removing facial hair quickly and effectively, with a small amount of pain during epilation. Users were extremely satisfied by the product’s price and quality, and its ability to pick up both short and fine hairs—a task difficult for many epilator models. With the good comes bad, however, and some users did express dissatisfaction with Remington’s product, primarily due to individual skin reactions. A handful of customers found that their skin reacted poorly to Remington’s epilator, resulting in redness, or a raised, rash-like appearance. Those who were unsatisfied with the product were, however, able to return it without any expressed difficulty.


Other Epilators To Consider:

ImageBrand/ NameRating (out of 5)PricePros/ Cons
71C3GAOv+ML._SX522_Braun Silk-épil 94.3$103.99Pros: Wet & dry; cordless; wide head for large areas; vibration to minimize pain; SmartLight to reveal fine hair; pivoting head for contoured areas; 2 attachments; can be used on bikini and face; incl. storage pouch.

Cons: High-end price; battery takes a full hour to charge; caused irritation and ingrown hairs.
71DXaDf4hjL._SY550_Philips SatinSoft4.3$68.50Pros: Cordless; wet & dry; 2 speeds; vibration to minimize pain; incl. storage pouch.

Cons: Full charge provides only 30 minutes of use; no extra attachments; no light or shave feature; hard to clean because top is not open; massage attachment does nothing.
61jfArMMP4L._SX522_Braun Silk-épil 74.2$69.95Pros: Wet & dry, massage feature to minimize pain; cordless; incl. exfoliator brush for face and body; 40 tweezers for effective hair removal; SmartLight illuminates skin; pivoting head for contoured areas; incl. storage pouch; excellent battery life; great value for price.

Cons: Brush lasts only 3 months; body exfoliation brush isn’t great; epilator is slippery when wet.
71SE-KQwIzL._SX522_Panasonic ES-ED90-P4.2$84.95Pros: All-in-one cordless device for epilating, shaving, trimming, and foot care; 6 attachments w/ “gentle” head for sensitive areas; wet & dry; wide epilation head; easy to clean; LED light reveals fine hairs; pivoting head for curvy areas; 2 speeds.

Cons: Not for face; device cannot be used while charging; battery lasts 30 min.
61JUgjc44YL._SX522_Braun Silk-épil 54.1$59.99Pros: Doubles as shaver/trimmer; massage feature minimizes pain; incl. cooling glove; adjustable speed; 3 attachments; SmartLight reveals fine hairs; 40 tweezers; pivoting head for curvy areas; ergonomic design.

Cons: Dry epilation only; corded operation; slow speed/doesn’t catch all hairs on first pass; tweezers are half metal/half plastic; hair builds up in epilator head.
31t9AtZ+5ELEmjoi Epi Slim4$29.95Pros: This ultra-portable, battery-operated epilator is perfect for small areas including the face; affordably priced; 9 tweezers; good for beginners.

Cons: Dry epilation only; not for large areas (like the legs); does not include batteries; not rechargeable; bad customer service; users agree that it’s easy to hurt yourself with this powerful epilator.
61qxsEDoQNL._SY550_Philips Satin Perfect HP65764.1$107.79Pros: Shave, trim, epilate, and style with the Philips Satin Perfect; “hairlifter” feature vibrates to dislodge flat hairs; soothing massage minimizes pain; easy to clean; built-in light; 2 speeds; cordless operation; works for 40 min. on full charge; includes travel pouch; can be used while charging.

Cons: Pricey; instructions don’t match box/Amazon listing.
419jXkSEIZLEmjoi Soft Caress4$59.95Pros: Cordless; 36 gold-plated tweezers; great price; can be used while charging; appropriate for sensitive areas and legs; contoured design for curvy areas; massage finger attachment to minimize pain; 2 speeds; incl. travel pouch and cleaning pouch; gold minimizes irritation.

Cons: Not for face; low-powered; curvature makes use difficult; head is too wide for small areas.
41otnEji0VLEmjoi AP-18 Emagine3.9$74.95Pros: 72 tweezers; silver ion technology; “lifting fingers” dislodge flat hairs (reduces ingrown hairs); dual opposed staggered heads; curved head hugs the body; appropriate for legs, underarms, and bikini line; 2 speeds; antimicrobial protection to prevent infection.

Cons: Corded; pricey; plastic gears break within 2 years.


 Which of the Three Should You Purchase?

The answer to this question depends largely upon individual need. Each model has a price point difference of about $20, arranged from most to least expensive. Those seeking a simpler model with a wet/dry capability should consider the Remington model, as it offers the same features as the Braun for almost half the cost, including:

  • Wet/Dry capability
  • 40-Tweezer head
  • Light for better viewing
  • Different caps
  • Body/Face capability.

While the Remington model is perfectly useful, and is quite remarkable for its price, many people prefer the speed offered by a head with more tweezers. These individuals should seek out the Emjoi model in order to facilitate a faster, smoother epilating experience.

If you are looking for more a more permanent hair removal method, you may want to consider laser hair removal: check out our reviews of the most effective devices available in the market here.

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