Home security systems are comprised of many different components. Some function by tripping an alarm after a house is accessed without consent, while others function as deterrents and, upon a break-in, record any wrongdoing. Many video surveillance cameras are now equipped with night vision, and zoom that allows intruders to be quickly and effectively identified, and offering homeowners peace of mind.

While surveillance equipment assists in deterring and catching criminal activity, home alarms function as the final line of defense, alerting homeowners and the authorities both of an intrusion or break in. These systems are designed to release a signal, either inaudible or audible, to alert the homeowner to possible danger, while also alerting local police to the presence of an intruder. These systems are incredibly effective, as they may be wired to acknowledge a break in through the home’s doors, windows, as well as activated by unanticipated motion or glass breaking.

Dropcam Pro’s Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

Dropcam Pro’s Wi-Fi Wireless Camera is a top-rated home security camera, offering customers a simple, easy setup. Users need only to plug the device in and connect to Wi-Fi, rendering the entire process complete in under one minute. Despite its convenience, Dropcam’s system is an affordable one, coming in at around $200. This particular system may be used with PCs or Macs—or, for those on the go, may be connected to both Android and Apple smartphones, allowing users to monitor their home regardless of their location.

Because Dropcam’s camera may be used in conjunction with smartphones, apps have been developed to allow users to engage in two-way communication and remote viewing, giving homeowners some semblance of control over their monitoring systems while away from home. This is good news for individuals who must travel for work or who are frequently on vacation, as they can rest assured the house is being watched—directly from their personal phone or computer.

The video capability of Dropcam’s product is unique, and provides homeowners with superb, crisp images. In addition to the high-quality camera, this video monitoring system possesses 8x zoom, and night vision, allowing users to see intruders at all times of day, and even those at a considerable distance. This is particularly useful for users who choose to enroll in the company’s additional online cloud service, providing customers with a means of recording and saving surveillance.

Customers generally express satisfaction with Dropcam’s contribution to the surveillance world. Most are impressed by the ease of use and set up; one customer found that he was able to install the device and begin using it with his mobile phone in two minutes—a significant advantage to all those wishing to install the service quickly. Users were also impressed with the video quality and scope, as the images are crisp and clear, and the width of the camera’s scope is enough to render a single camera an adequate tool. Despite these rave reviews, however, many customers did have one complaint: the software cannot automatically record, but must be hooked up to Dropcam’s online cloud service, at an extra monthly cost.

Foscam FI9805E

Foscam’s FI9805E model camera is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable wireless outdoor security camera for home use. Foscam offers customers a camera designed specifically for outdoor use; rather than being made with flimsy plastic, Foscam’s outdoor camera is built to endure the elements, including heavy winds, rain, and heat. This is an important thing to note for any individual living in a climate with less-than-ideal conditions, as an indoor camera may not be able to withstand certain temperatures or weather phenomena.

Foscam’s model was created with quality in mind, and offers users a high-quality camera, including an above-average night vision capability. Night vision, paired with the camera’s excellent video quality, provides peace of mind for families, as their homes will be adequately protected via monitoring not only during the day, but also in the dead of night. Additionally, like Dropcam’s products, Foscam comes equipped with compatibility with mobile applications, allowing users to monitor their homes using the convenience of their personal wireless devices.

Users express extreme satisfaction with Foscam’s outdoor camera, citing excellent customer service and impeccable quality as the main reasons. Some users reported year-long use in temperatures as low as -20 degrees, without any breakage or failure in the cameras. Though many customers experienced some difficulty with the Wi-Fi IP camera system, each praised customer service’s promptness and understanding, and had homeowners’ cameras up and running in less than ten minutes.

Simplisafe 2 Wireless Home Security System

Simplisafe 2’s wireless security system is unique among home security options, as it is entirely wireless. This is particularly helpful for those uninterested in drilling, running wires through the walls, and paying for costly professional installation; because everything is wireless, the entire system may be installed by the homeowner in under one hour. Individuals seeking a quick and easy-to-use security system would do well to look into Simplisafe’s security options.

Simplisafe is an affordable means of home security, both in the actual price (typically around $250), and in the installation process. Because it may be installed by the homeowner, users do not have to pay costly fees for installation or upkeep. Instead, they may install the system themselves, saving both time and money in the process. Due to its ease of use, most customers find themselves satisfied with the product, and do not need to seek out the assistance of customer service or support.

Like traditional security systems, Simplisafe is able to offer potential customers home and window sensors, and motion detectors in order to alert the family to intruders, as well as basic at-home security features, such as carbon monoxide detectors and water sensors. Families can rest assured that their homes are safe from both outside predators and indoor accidents. Additionally, for a fee of only $15 per month, customers can enroll in professional remote monitoring services, allowing the safety of their home to be monitored by safety professionals.

Customers gave this product rave reviews, due largely to its ease of use. Most were highly impressed by how quickly and easily the product was set up; one customer went the extra mile and screwed all of the sensors in (optional), and still found his task completed in under two hours. Customers were also pleased with the speed and kindness of customer service; most found customer service responsive within five minutes of being contacted.

One flaw has been noted in Simplisafe, however: the system does not alert customers if a door or window has been left open, which can be a serious security threat. The company has stated, though, that it is working to rectify this issue.

Fortress Security S02-B Wireless Home Security System

Fortress Security’s wireless home security package is an alternative to Simplisafe’s security options, for about $60 less, overall. This is reflected in Fortress Security’s system, as it does not possess quite as many features as the Simplisafe system—though these features are not strictly necessary.

For instance, Fortress Security is an all-wireless system, complete with

  • Sensors for windows and doors
  • Call alerts
  • Wireless key fobs to activate alarms

but does not come equipped with

  • Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Mobile phone compatibility
  • External control sources, such as personal computers

Instead, the system relies upon the key fobs and manual directives, requiring users to arm the home before leaving.

Overall, both these systems offer wireless security, but in two very different ways. Simplisafe’s system is designed for convenience and may prove more effective for individuals in need of indoor and outdoor security features, while Fortress’ system is designed specifically for break-in security, and, while sensors and detectors are wireless, does not offer away-from-home features on personal phones or computers. Individuals seeking a more comprehensive home security system would better benefit from the Simplisafe system.

While most customers expressed satisfaction with this system, others were discouraged by the system’s need for a land line, as many people no longer enroll in monthly home phone plans. Despite this drawback, however, many customers praised Fortress’ home security package, citing it as an affordable and effective security system.

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