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Whether it’s a birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, or some other occasion, choosing the perfect gift for a teenage girl can be difficult. What’s “cool” today might be embarrassing next month. How are parents and relatives supposed to know? That’s why we’ve compiled a helpful list of gift ideas separated by age and further specified by category to help you find the perfect gift for your teenage girl.


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2018’s Ultimate List For Teenage Girls

Pressed for time? Check out our 2018 teen girl gift list below. This year’s most wished for gifts include the usual suspects like movies, TV series, but also surprisingly simple (and budget friendly) items like a knit hat. 


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13-Year-Old Girls

doodle-duvetWhen a girl crosses the threshold from preteen to teen, she starts the quick transformation from girl to woman. Some girls remain childish throughout the early teen years; others mature rapidly. Age 12 is when most girls start menstruation. She’s probably suffering from mood swings in addition to the unpredictable mood of the typical teen girl. This means she’s hard to satisfy. There isn’t a single gift that will please all 13-year-olds. Pay attention to her maturity level and her likes and dislikes. The following list should help you get started:

  • For the crafty girl, consider these cool gifts:
    • LCD writing tablet
    • Twisted Paper kit by Klutz
    • Duct Tape Party kit by Alex
    • Friends Forever Bracelet Kit by Alex
    • Doodle Duvet (image above left)
  • Science isn’t just for boys. If she’s on her way to becoming a science nerd, check out these unusual gifts:
    • Rainbow in my Room by Uncle Milton
    • Scientific Explorer Spa Science by Alex
    • Snap Circuits Lights by Elenco
  • If you’re not a member of her immediate family, purchasing something she can enjoy with her family is thoughtful:
    • Loaded Questions
    • Separation Anxiety by Fat Brain Toys
    • Passport to Culture
    • 5 Second Rule
  • If she’s already interested in her appearance, try these common gifts:
    • Scented nail polish
    • Jewelry box
    • Earring tree
    • Lip balm set


14-Year-Old Girls

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.12.05 AMOne year might not seem like a huge change, but it is in the world of teenage girls. When asked what they would like to receive, each age group gave a very different response. Following are some recommendations by 14-year-old girls:

Budget gift idea: My top recommendation for a 14-year-old girl, especially if she has a brother, is a diary with a lock. There are all sorts of cool diaries available these days, most of them inexpensive. Some open with a vocal password, others with a key, and others with a fingerprint. She’ll love having a safe place to record her thoughts (most of them probably about boys).

Cool gift idea: Moderately priced at about $70 is the Instax Mini 8 Camera by Fujiilm that lets you print right from the camera. She’ll love using this cool, retro looking camera to snap pictures with her friends. With automatic aperture settings, flashing LED lights, and automatic exposure, she will capture the perfect shot every time. She can also use the “high-key” mode for bright, soft images – perfect for selfies. Available in several colors.

Unusual gift idea: For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, surprise your 14-year-old with a Water Garden by Back to the Roots. This interesting device combines a fish tank with a garden (great if she wants a pet but her parents won’t allow a puppy). Small plants, which sprout on the roof of the fish tank, clean the water. Waste from the fish inside the tank serves as food for the plants. The kit includes seeds and a coupon to purchase a beautiful beta fish. This mini ecosystem measures approx. 13 x 9 x 13 inches.

Luxurious gift idea: Surprise your music- or technology-lover with Beats Solo2 Wired Headphones (image above left). At $179 on Amazon, make sure you give these only to a responsible teenager. Available in lots of different colors, these headphones will make her the envy of her friends. Regardless of what kind of music she likes, Solo2 provides an immersive experience with surprising clarity. As a bonus, these headphone are comfortable and feature earcups that minimize music leakage and dissipate heat. Solo2 folds up easily and comes with a carrying case. She will enjoy plugging them into her phone or iPod.

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ImageNameRating (out of 5)PriceIdeal for AgesWhy it makes a good gift
doodle-duvetDoodle Duvet (duvet cover only)3.8$59.95 (Queen)13Does she like to decorate her own space? Let her doodle all over her bedspread with the Doodle Duvet. With 10 double-tipped fabric markers, she can turn her bed into a storyboard, a letter, or a work of art.

Duvet cover is 100% cotton and machine washable.

*Doodle pillowcases also available.
81B31ihm1fL._SL1500_Loaded Questions (board game)4.7$22.5013-15If she likes sleepovers, this board game is a must. This family-friendly game includes 880 “loaded questions” and is appropriate for 4-6 players. Loaded Questions is a classic party game of “who wrote what” and will cause instant laughs!

*Adult, Party, Junior, and On-the-Go versions also available.
41uRhfEWCILExpressions 6-pc. Scented Nail Polish Set3$10.4713If she’s always decorating her fingernails, give her a break from the chemical smell with this set of 6 fruit-scented polishes. Set includes bright shades of red (watermelon), magenta (strawberry), blue (blueberry), yellow (lemon), pink (peach), and purple (grape).

*Makes a great party favor.
view-496-img496516Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera4.6$50.9914Giver her the gift of memories with this instant camera. She will love snapping “retro” photos of herself and her friends. The camera features automatic exposure and aperture settings and has a “high-key” mode that’s perfect for taking selfies.

*Available in several colors.
Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-9.12.05-AM-254x300Beats Solo2 Wired Headphones4.1$133.8814-15Does she spend a lot of time on the bus? Make her ride jam with these luxury headphones. Available in lots of fun colors, these comfortable headphones provide an immersive sound experience and feature earphones that dissipate heat and minimize sound leakage.

*Headphones fold for storage; includes carrying case; compatible with phones, iPods, etc.
Bike-Brightz_23118-l-500x333Wheel Brightz LED Bicycle Light4$23.4913-15Make her bike cool with this 7’ color-morphing string of LED lights – a must if she rides at dusk or dawn.

Lights (20 microLEDs) are encased in a waterproof tube, last 48+ hours, and rotate through 8 colors; lights fit standard spokes.

Package includes 1 string of lights that requires 3 AA batteries (not included).
fuzzy-wuzzy-knitting-by-alex-toy-981e7afdcd2a5cdfc5f743f97b2cf8acFuzzy Wuzzy Knitting Kit (Alex Toys)3.8$9.4113-15Teenagers love to learn new skills. Teach her how to knit when she’s young and she’ll thank you for it later!

Fuzzy Wuzzy teaches kids the basics with easy-to-follow instructions for gloves, headbands, scarves, bows, pompoms, etc.

*Kit includes 6 colors of fuzzy yarn, knitting needles, storage tin, and more.
prod_8554384631Diary with Lock4.4$10+13-15This lock-and-key diary will keep Brother or Sister out of her private thoughts. The diary pictured at left is manufactured by Pecoware, but there are all sorts of styles and colors available to fit her age and taste.

*Keeping a diary encourages peace of mind, improves handwriting, and boosts creativity.
Passport_to_CulturePassport to Culture (board game)4.6$29.9913-15An educational game the entire family can enjoy, Passport to Culture is the one-of-a-kind travel game that takes players on a journey across the planet while testing their knowledge of culture.

Test your cultural intelligence (CQ) with fun questions on food and drink, people and places, greetings and gestures, world treasures, and customs and traditions.

* For 2-6 players/ teams


15-Year-Old Girls

tile-cover_w_450Common gift: Most if not all 15-year-old girls are crazy for crafts. They love learning new skills – especially with friends. Surprise her with Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting by Alex (even better for those living in a cold climate). Kids and teenagers will love to learn how to knit with Fuzzy Wuzzy’s super-soft yarn. The kit includes a variety of colors and easy instructions. She’ll learn the basics of knitting while creating scarves, headbands, gloves, pompoms, tassels, bows, and more. Fuzzy Wuzzy is a safe and fun way for her to express her personal style with her friends.

Cool gift: Bike Brightz has made the top list for teen gifts for the past couple of years. The company now makes Wheel Brightz as well. These colorful LED lights attach to any bicycle to provide style and safety when riding at dawn or dusk. An absolute necessity for teens with bikes.

Thoughtful gifts: For the perfect mother-daughter gift to a teen who likes jewelry, consider an engraved necklace. It can be personalized, but my recommendation is the Dear Daughter Necklace by BB Becker engraved with a short poem. Because the teenage years are when parent-child animosity peaks, this necklace will serve as a reminder of a mother’s undying love for her daughter. She will keep it with her as she moves on to college and into her adult life.

Is your teen always forgetting things? This is a scary thought: she’ll soon need to keep track of keys. Surprise her with the Tile Item Finder so she’ll never lose her phone, purse, or anything else. One Tile is $25 on Amazon (available for a cheaper price when bought in a 4-pack). She can attach the small device to virtually anything. After downloading the free app, she can sync the Tile to her smartphone via Bluetooth. When she loses the item, she can use her phone to locate the lost item by sound or on a map. Most teens are very into technology right now, so this gift is cool and useful at the same time.

The above examples should be more than enough to help you choose a gift that is sure to please your teenage girl.

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  • LUXURY: Music-lovers will enjoy sporting these retro, high-quality headphones. Available in lots of fun colors!

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