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Are you looking for a gift for a girl between 16 and 18? Unfortunately, teenage girls can be an enigma. They may react with delight to a surprise or they may reject the idea completely. And since girls between the ages of 16 and 18 often keep secrets or distance themselves from parents, relatives, and siblings, buying a gift for them can be difficult. The ideas below, separated by age and category, will have you well on your way to choosing the pemostrfect present for the next holiday or birthday.


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Ultimate Teen-Girl List Of 2018

Pressed for time? This teen girl gift list is here to help. 2018’s most wished for gifts include not only the usual girly and glittery items, but also sporty-girl favorites like electric scooters. 


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A Fail-Safe Approach to Picking Gifts for Teen Girls?

Girls around the age of seventeen tend to be very particular about what they want. Unless you are very close to them, their wishes and desires may be a total mystery to you. 

Fortunately, over the years, there is one simple approach that I have observed to rarely fail. If your budget is say, $100, simply divide it into two portions. Use the first portion (say, $50) to buy a gift card for her – she will appreciate the opportunity to use it to buy anything she desires.

Now, the second portion of your budget is where it counts and where you need to put in a little more effort. Use the 2nd half of the budget (the remaining $50 of our example budget of $100) to buy her something personalized – usually something small she can easily keep by her side or bring along with her wherever she goes. A good example of a personalized gift would be a necklace or bracelet that can be customized with her name or a personal message from you. Other possible items include mugs, phone cases and jewelry boxes.

Check out the links below for a full list of gift items that can be personalized :


Girls of this age love to feel special so a personalized gift like that would definitely come across as thoughtful and will be memorable, if not cherished.

If a personalized gift item somehow doesn’t seem right for you, check out more ideas grouped by age below:


Age Sixteen

The Sweet 16 birthday is one of the most important birthdays in a young woman’s life. In the United States, the 16th birthday is seen as a “coming of age” celebration. Needless to say, it’s important to surprise your 16-year-old with something she will really appreciate on this important birthday.

considerations-teen-driverShe’s going to be looking forward to this special day for a long time. However, it’s usually best not to make the big day a complete surprise. Since she’s about to become an adult, talk to her maturely and ask her what she wants out of this special day. You might find that instead of a fancy ballroom party, she just wants to hang out at the pool with friends. While the main gift from parents is probably going to be the party itself, here are some additional gift ideas (also appropriate for Christmas and other holidays):

  • Personalized: A high-quality birthstone necklace is the perfect gift from father to daughter. It’s unique in that it features her birthstone, but not tacky like a necklace with her name or initials. A birthstone necklace is something she will continue to cherish after she’s “flown the coop.”
  • Cool: Really make her day by surprising your teen with her first car. Don’t make the mistake of giving her something too expensive, because we all know how teenagers treat their cars! If you can find one, hand-me-down cars work best. Don’t worry how it looks – she’ll love it no matter what!
  • Luxury: If you can afford it (and if she wants it), give her a complete room makeover. She’s at the age where she will want to replace all those boy band posters with more mature décor.

Age Seventeen

seventeen.1273She has a boyfriend. She can drive. She’s planning for college. It might seem like you’re about to lose her. Raising a teenager is a challenge, especially when she starts to distance herself from you. Although you don’t want to let her do whatever she wants, it’s important not to be too strict. If you are, she’ll push the boundaries even more. Remind her that you care by surprising her with one of these gifts on the next holiday or her birthday:

Budget: Don’t have much money to spend on her this year? Take her out to her favorite restaurant and surprise her with a subscription to her favorite magazine. Buying single magazines at the store is expensive, but subscriptions are cheap. Have one issue ready for her to unwrap paired with a card that lets her know she has the subscription. Make sure to choose a magazine she already likes or one that caters to her interests/age group.

Does she like to be pampered? Another great and inexpensive idea is a manicure/pedicure. Either pair it with lunch and make it an enjoyable mother/daughter day or send her off to the spa with a friend.

Unusual gift: Is she attached to her huge, designer purse? Does it take her several minutes just to find things in that purse? SOI is a small disc that automatically lights up when she reaches her hand into her purse. It shuts off when the purse closes. SOI weighs less than two ounces and is energy efficient and hands-free. Teens love technology, and even more so if none of their friends have it. SOI is available for $34.95 on

Funny: Does she have a sense of humor and appreciate art? On, you can have a professional artist design a unique image of her that captures her tastes and personality. Prices vary, but expect to spend at least $100. Each caricature is fully customized and one-of-a-kind.

Cool: Be the coolest parent in town by surprising your 17-year-old with tickets to a concert or sporting event she’s been dying to attend. Instead of going with her, give her two tickets so she can take a friend or boyfriend along with her. Believe me, she will definitely appreciate the freedom of a non-chaperoned trip.

Luxury: Every teen out there either has a smartphone or wants a one. In my opinion, the single best feature of a smartphone – aside from the actual “phone” part – is the GPS. Since she’s probably driving a lot by now, giving her the ability to always find directions to where she needs to go is priceless.

ImageNameRating (out of 5)PriceIdeal for AgesWhy this makes a good gift
beyonce-knowles-seventeen-magazineSeventeen Magazine Subscription4$5.00 (10 issues)17For just $5.00, you can sign her up for a twelve-month, ten issue subscription to Seventeen Magazine. This entertaining magazine will answer all of her questions about makeup and style (and a few about sex).

*Seventeen has been lauded for using models of varying body types and detailing healthy ways to lose weight.

31Mq3COaITLBrainstream SOI Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor4.4$31.9916-18Teens love technology (especially if their friends don’t have it). This unusual but practical gift is great for girls with large purses. SOI is a small disc that lights up when she reaches into her purse. It stays illumined for 10 seconds. SOI is energy efficient, hands free, and weighs less than 2 ounces.

* Uses 2 AAA batteries
4ac21a6d50de2b72e6c5e6e7346ff868Personalized Caricature5$100+16-18Appeal to her sense of humor with a personalized drawing from

Provide the website with a few photos and the artists will create a unique and funny image she can hang on her wall.

*Each caricature is one-of-a-kind.

(Image at left is the Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - Certified Refurbished)
(Price will depend on the model, where you buy, and if you buy new)
16-18It’s high time for her to have her own phone (if she doesn’t already). Not only will it free up the house phone, but having a smartphone with GPS is vital if she has her own car.

Consider signing up for a family plan with limits on data usage, and take her to the store with you so she can choose a phone she likes.
51BQ1woa8cL._SY445_Gas Gift Card4.8Any amount

(Irving product is $50)
16-18Most 18-year-olds are strapped for cash. A gift card she can use at the pump might not be the most exciting present to unwrap, but it’s a practical gift she will certainly appreciate.

Other gift cards college-bound students will enjoy: WalMart, college bookstore, Target, restaurants, and basic Visa card.
s_56b3bb367fab3a64a201a4abN. Gil Large Travel Cosmetic Pouch Bag5$12.9518A travel cosmetic case is perfect for use in dorms, at home, and on the road; plus, a handy makeup bag is simply a must-have for every woman!

This N. Gil model is available in lots of fun, colorful designs.

*Have the bag monogrammed with her name or initials for a special touch.
91kuvrOqXLL._SX522_CHI Original Pro 1" Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener3.4$59.9518Help her look her best as she makes the transition into adult life with some quality hair products.

My favorite is the CHI hair straightener, which lets you straighten, flip, curl, or wave hair while eliminating frizz. Plus, it heats up quickly to save time in the morning.

*Be on the lookout for fake products when ordering online.
51SRvzQ7tBLBH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette4.4$19.7516Makeup and jewelry are nearly always at the top of a sixteen-year-old’s wish list. Surprise her with this professional, double-decker eye shadow palette by BH cosmetics.

The case is portable and convenient; with 120 colors, she’ll be able to recreate any style she can find.
s0971930_sc7Kindle Paperwhite E-reader - Black, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi4.5$119.9917-18Is she always reading? Surprise her with the newest version of Kindle – the “paperwhite” e-reader. The paperwhite has no screen glare (unlike tablets) and lasts for weeks on a singe charge. With over 1 million books available for less than $3 each, she’ll never be without something to read.

*The paperwhite is available in black and white and features Wi-Fi.

Age Eighteen

Gift-CardsUnless her family has blessed her with an ample allowance, she has probably started her first job. She may be saving up for college or starting a career. Either way, cash is hard to come by for most 18-year-olds. A common and much-appreciated gift is a gas card (this can be anywhere from $20 to over $100). Other gift card ideas include:

  • WalMart– great for college students shopping for groceries
  • Bookstore/College Bookstore
  • Target – perfect for college students shopping for dorm furniture/decorations
  • Spa
  • Restaurants

Gift cards and cash make great gifts because she will be able to spend the money on the things she really needs.

balckwhitedotmakeupFor college or soon-to-be collage gals, a laptop or luggage set is sure to be useful. Although seen as a luxury item, some brands of laptops are only a few hundred dollars. Having her own computer will greatly help her with her schoolwork. Similarly, you can find quality luggage in thrift stores if you don’t want to purchase it new.

Budget: Décor and school supplies for her college dorm are a necessity! Anything from cheap shelving to daily planners and notebooks will be useful.

If she’s into makeup, help her stay organized in the bathroom (or the communal bathroom if in college), with a personalizedcosmetic bag. If you have extra money, throw in a gift card to Clinique or a similar brand.

Thoughtful: Help her look her best in her blossoming adult life with some quality hair supplies. The gift could be anything from a nice hair straightener to a gift certificate to the salon.

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