For Baby Showers






After a few months with baby, the new couple will appreciate an all-paid-for night on the town. You can go as far as you want, from a simple dinner reservation to tickets to a show and a hotel room. Offer to be the babysitter or enlist the help of a relative so the parents know their child is in safe hands.

 For your Boss






Taking notes during a meeting can be a hassle. This $130 LCD eWriter from Sharper Image is Bluetooth capable, saves paper, can be used as a presentation tool, and syncs with Mac, PC, smartphones, and iPads. Convenience is key for busy bosses.

For Housewarming Parties

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.11.49 PM







Luxury items like these stone coasters add an element of class to any household. When looking for expensive decor, consider the homeowners’ tastes and look for either upscale or vintage decorations like a wine rack or a luxurious throw blanket.

For Mother’s Day






Show Mom she deserves some pampering by taking her to the spa with you or by treating her to a day of private relaxation.

For Father’s Day







A fitness tracker is the perfect gift for athletic dads (and those trying to lose weight). There are tons of different models available that range in price and technology.

For Weddings







Looking for a gift for that couple who has everything? Surprise them with an act of goodwill that is much more satisfying than unwrapping a gift. Make a charitable donation to the couple’s favorite charity in their name.

For 14-Year-Old Girls







Beats Solo2 Wired Headphones are the perfect gift for music-loving teens. Plus, they have a retro look and are available in lots of fun colors. Beats Solo2 are high-quality headphones with minimal sound leakage and heat dissipating ability.

For 15-Year-Old Boys





The coolest gadget in today’s music/technology scene, your teen will love an iPod touch. The newest models range from $200-$400 based on size (available space), so make sure he’s responsible enough not to lose it.

For 16-Year Old Girls

considerations-teen-driver It’s going to happen sooner or later. She’s going to get her driver’s license. While a car may be the best present in the world for a 16-year-old, make sure not to give her something nice. We all know how teens treat their first cars, after all! Hand-me-down cars are best for teen drivers.

For 18-Year-Old Boys

A new laptop is the ultimate gift for a teenage boy – and a MUST if he’s heading off to college. If you’d like to treat him to a really nice laptop but don’t have quite enough to spend, band together with family and friends to split the cost.

For Bridesmaids

originalDelight your bridesmaids with makeup gift bags. Personalized or not, fill each cute bag with perfume, lip balm, concealer – or anything else you think she’ll like. It’s a good idea to include some emergency supplies like fashion tape and safety pins just in case something goes wrong! This gift can be as luxurious as you want. To make it something really special, include a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi.