Which are the most effective microdermabrasion devices in the market?

Microdermabrasion (MD/microderm) is one of today’s easiest, most effective anti-aging treatments – and you won’t have to worry about chemicals or needles. The original process utilized a spray of microcrystals to blast away dead skin cells. Sounds painful, right?

The newest technique, called diamond microdermabrasion, is safe and gentle. A diamond-tipped wand is used to exfoliate and massage the skin while a vacuum sucks up debris. MD treatments are expensive ($80-$200 per visit). A home MD system is a great investment that can save you time and hundreds of dollars. And the best benefit of microdermabrasion? Renewed confidence.

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Home Machines

For safety purposes, at home microderm devices are weaker than those used by an esthetician. However, you’ll see in the 3 reviews below that at home systems can give great results and treat some skin conditions. Each machine uses diamond tips, so there is no need for microdermabrasion crystals. Plus, treating your skin at home is fun and not limited to the face. All 3 machines can be used on areas such as hands, chest, and legs. It’s the small differences between each device that will help you decide which machine is right for you.

New Spa Microderm Kit

newspaDid you know your skin thickens as you age? By the time we reach middle age, we’ve put on up to 3 layers of dead skin cells! If you’re looking to hold off wrinkle formation, lighten your skin, prepare your skin to more easily absorb cosmetics, and remove scars and spots, this kit is for you.

Used by professionals in small spas, the New Spa gives beautiful results and works well when used in combination with AHA Lactic Acid treatment. This machine is incredibly portable (6.4lbs) and is great for traveling.

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The New Spa can do more than make you look younger; it can also help with skin conditions. Used on an oily face marred by acne, dry patches, scarring, and excessive oil, this kit provided new confidence and erased scars and dry patches. A woman suffering from severe stress-induced eczema calls this kit a “miracle worker.” After treatment, her skin was smoother and pimples and scars disappeared.

With its diamond tip, the New Spa is gentle enough to use every 2 weeks. It’s a good idea to apply a moisturizer directly after use. The New Spa works wonders on blackheads and can also tighten pores. One of the downsides is that the tips can become dull after repeated use (can be replaced). It’s important to be careful with the suction level. The highest level (16” Hg) can leave a bruise if you are a beginner who has not mastered the right microdermabrasion techniques.

Kit includes: 2 wands, 9 diamond tips, 19 and 10 mm filters, headband, facial cleaner, manual, DMAE serum, silicone hose, and replacement O rings.

Kendal Professional HB-SF01 

A little more expensive and weighty (9lbs) than the previous product, the HB-SF01 is backed by a 1-year warranty. Kendal claims this product will rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, promote even skin tone, reduce age spots, acne, and scars, erase blackheads, reduce oil, and give you a youthful, healthy glow.

Easy to use and clean, the HB-SF01 is used in spas and is widely regarded as the best home MD machine on the market. And it’s worth every penny. Estheticians working from their homes have chosen the HB-SF01 and found it produced great results and happy clients!

Those who purchased this product report serious suction! This machine has a maximum suction pressure of 26” Hg (Hg stands for Mercury). An RN who purchased the HB-SF01 to use at home was impressed with the high-quality parts, simple design, and variety of included tips. Although assembly is easy, she notes that first-time users may have a hard time understanding the instructions. She commented that the HB-SF01 is just as good as the $9,000 professional machine used in her office.

The most common fault with the HB-SF01 is that the On/Off switch sometimes breaks. But with great customer service, the fix should be quick and easy. When cleaning, use a mixture of dish soap (with bleach), water, and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub with a toothbrush, douse heads with rubbing alcohol, and pat dry. You could also use jewelry cleaner.

Kit includes: 2 handles, 9 diamond tips, 360 cotton filters, air hose, replacement O rings, power cable, 2 oil filters, and instructions.

Trophy Skin Medical Grade MD Machine 

The biggest difference between the Trophy Skin and the previous two machines is the auto-mode feature. The digital readout will walk you through a face treatment and help you adjust suction for different areas. Or, you can use the manual mode and do it all on your own.

This sleek machine boasts that it will reduce the appearance of spots, wrinkles, and even out your skin texture. There is even a mirror built into the lid. Users reported that this machine drastically lightened age spots and sun spots and tightened pores. Some women reported looking up to 10 years younger!

After treatment, makeup is much easier to wear and you won’t have to use layers and layers of foundation to cover up blemishes. Just make sure to be careful. Any MD machine can hurt your face if used improperly. How often you use it is up to you; it really depends on skin type/skin issues. One woman used it to remove dead skin from her legs, another used it to take 10 years off the appearance of worn-out hands, and still another woman unleashed this machine on her unwilling husband! Your hands and beneath your eyes can really betray your age. Click here to learn how to prevent/correct many medical/cosmetic eye issues.

Although this machine is the most expensive of the three, it does come with a 3-year warranty. Users reported great customer service. The max suction level is 17.7” Hg. Because the diamonds are located on the outside rim (rather than inside) of the tip, the diamonds remain in contact with your skin – meaning you need less suction to get the job done. Simply put: Trophy Skin won’t abrade or irritate.

The machine comes from Korea, which means:

  • Both Korean and English appear on display
  • Guide isn’t translated well
  • Must use an adapter to fit in US electrical outlet (included)

Other downsides include:

  • Short hose
  • Only available in purple/pink
  • Manual does not tell you where to buy replacement tips
  • Noisy during use
  • If your skin sheds heavily the machine may get clogged, hampering suction

Kit includes: 1 wand, 100 filters, user manual, cleaning brush, and blackhead extractor.


Because they all utilize diamond tips with comparable suction levels, there isn’t a huge difference between these 3 devices. No matter which product you choose, you’re going to experience similar results and save money (compared to spa treatments). If portability is a big concern, go with the New Spa. The HBSF-01 seems to be the best overall value considering what’s included and the maximum suction power. Trophy Skin is certainly the most fancy model, but with only 1 diamond microdermabrasion tip included, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you think the auto-mode is worth spending $300.

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Professional Microderm Machines

The biggest difference between home and professional MD devices is the suction power. They are also more difficult to operate. Keep in mind that although many have purchased the following 2 machines for home use, they were designed to be operated by professionals only and are very capable of hurting your skin.

New Spa Machine 

Did you know that continued diamond microdermabrasion will prevent skin from thickening and will increase skin permeability? Because it removes the top pigmented layer of skin, MD will also lighten your skin back to its natural color (good bye sun damage). Results from this machine are similar to those expected from a home device, but operation is a little more complicated. The device comes in a hard case with locks that is classy, convenient, and about the size of a toaster oven. Everything fits nicely inside. The whole thing is 8 pounds.

Those who have purchased this machine for home use recommend watching a YouTube video to learn how to use it. Once you figure it out, the machine is easy to use. Each tip has a different “strength.” First time users are encouraged to use the weakest tip with less than 50% suction. The biggest complaint is that the instructions do not tell you where to buy replacement filters. On top of that, filters are difficult to replace.

Kit includes:

  • 3 wands
  • 9 tips
  • 12 and 18mm filters
  • O-rings
  • Manual

Customer service is great and the machine is durable. It is very important to be careful when using this machine. Maximum suction is 25” Hg. If 16” Hg can leave a bruise – imagine what 25” Hg can do in unpracticed hands! Those with delicate skin should speak with an esthetician before undergoing treatment.

Kendal Bm01 

For the price of a home machine, you can purchase the 6lb Kendal Bm01. Very similar to the previously reviewed Kendal device, the Bm01 is backed by wonderful customer support. Although the instruction manual lacks detail, the Bm01 is not hard to use. Maximum suction level is 22” Hg. Just like the previous device, the Bm01 can easily scratch or bruise.

The machine does not have a display informing you exactly how much suction is being used. Make sure to wait 3-5 minutes for the machine to warm up. Users warn to start with less than 50% suction. Don’t go over the same spot more than 3 times or the treated area may look “burnt.”

The case is appealing and easy to store. First-timers will appreciate that each tip has it’s own description right on the box. The most impressive results from this machine have been the disappearance of scars and the evening out of skin complexion.

Advice from a licensed esthetician: the funnel-shaped tips (D100 and D120) work the best. The Bm01 is just as effective as professional crystal MD. The suction keeps the tip in contact with your skin, so make sure to keep the tip flat against your skin when using. The esthetician suggests using an organic facemask with antioxidants (like Eminence) after treatment to cool down the face and decrease redness. And make sure to wear sunscreen when going outside!

Included in kit: 2 handles, 9 tips, 360 filters, air hose, 2 oil filters, and power cable.


Don’t buy a professional machine unless you really know what you’re doing! There is an $80 difference between these two professional systems, but only a difference of 3” Hg suction pressure. If you know what you’re doing and want to buy a small, professional machine, the Kendal model is your best bet. If you aren’t a professional but want to purchase this type of machine, make sure to speak with an esthetician first. For more information & reviews of top microdermabrasion machines, click here.

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