List of Best Skin Firming Creams

1. Radiant Beauty Anti-Aging Cream

  • This is a versatile skin tightening cream that can either be used for targeted fine line/ wrinkle reduction or general skin firming. How it works is by stimulating natural collagen synthesis in your skin, thereby plumping up wrinkled or sagging skin tissues – giving you a ‘mini skinlift’ without surgery
  • This cream is targeted at the eye, face, neck & décolletage areas
  • Contains the active ingredients that include the proprietary Biofil Dermal Lifting Hydropheres & Argireline (a potent blend of proteins and peptides including Polymoist-PS Complex with the scientific name peptide amphiphile C16-KTTKS). Clinical studies have demonstrated these ingredients to be effective in stimulating elastin & collagen production, increasing skin suppleness significantly
  • This product has been verified to be produced in the United States of America
  • Currently, if you reside in qualifying countries and cities, you may be eligible for a free trial of  Radiant Beauty Anti-Aging Cream (you pay only the $3.94 shipping & handling fees). The full price of the product applies if you have not cancelled before the trial expires. Please read the specific terms & conditions of the trial for your country before taking part in it.

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2. Cellex-C Skin Firming Cream Plus

Cellex-C Skin Firming Cream is a light moisturizing cream specially formulated for tightening sagging skin over the face, neck area and the v of your chest. It is carefully using the patented Celex-C complex beauty formula. It reduces all visible signs of aging and markedly improves the appearance of sagging skin in a matter of weeks. Users who have used this cream report marked improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, some only after the second application.

Formulation and Active Ingredients

This skin tightening cream is carefully formulated using specially purified water (aqua) as base. The aqua is enhanced to increase the capacity of the cream’s active ingredients to penetrate beneath the upper layer of the skin and help regenerate new cell growth in the middle and deeper layers. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate which helps tone and firm sagging skin.

Other ingredients like evening primrose oil (Oenothera Biennis) and aloe barbadensis gel to increase the elasticity and resilience of aging skin cells. Another important ingredient in Cellex-C’s firming cream is chamomile, a well known antioxidant with anti-inflammation properties to eliminate the blotched appearance under the eyes.

All the ingredients are purely natural to guarantee you zero side effects. This fact is true right from the cream base to the active ingredients and even the fragrance.

What Users Say on Reviews

The number of Cellex-C  Cream reviews available on both the Cellex-X website as well as on third party online stores such as Amazon are evidence enough that it is one of the most popular products in its class. On the whole, the reviews are positive and describe in no uncertain terms how the users were able to reach their beauty goals with regular application of the cream. One of the unique features in the reviews is that several users revealed the product had been recommended by their dermatologists.


The Cellex-C  Cream sells for around $70. On many online stores, the product is sold inclusive of free shipping offer.

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3. Bonapiel Beauty & Youth Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and MSM

Based on hyaluronic acid, this facial serum from Bonapiel Beauty has been recently reformulated to increase its appeal and effectiveness. It is good for people with dry skin but it seems it is not as impressive for those with oily skin. To increase its effectiveness you may also have to exfoliate and moisturize your face first.

Formulation and Active Ingredients

Apart from hyaluronic acid, the serum comes with Vitamin C and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) as the other active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is well known for hydrating the skin so it is something of a mystery that the serum seems to require the user to moisturize their skin first before application.

Vitamin C is another essential ingredient in this Bonapiel Beauty serum. Vitamin C fights free radicals which ravage your skin as you age. The vitamin is also crucial in reversing the effects of sun damage. MSM stimulates production of collagen so that old and intransigent cells can be replaced by new, glowing ones for a youthful, smooth facial appearance.

What Users Say on Reviews

It is hard to come across user reviews on this serum. Perhaps the product is pretty new in the market of the company has not done enough publicity to keep it in the consciousness of consumers. Where the reviews are available they are almost invariably sketchy. All in all, a good number of users (especially those with a dry skin) report progressive improvement on sagging skin especially along the jaw line and neck area.


On online stores, Bonapiel Beauty & Youth Serum sells at anywhere between $35 to $45. Compared with other skin tightening creams and serums in its class, this is a good bargain.



4. SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream

This SkinCeuticals special cream is designed to address skin damage wrought by exposure to the elements. Its active ingredients have been enhanced to target environmental aggressors, repairing cells suffering from photo damage while ensuring the skin remains elastic, firm and smooth.

Formulation and Active Ingredients

The cream contains Centella Asiatica extract, Ectoin, and BMX Complex as the main active ingredients.

Centella Asiatica is a medicinal herb which has been used since antiquity in the Far Eastern cultures but which has gained popularity in the west in recent years too. Studies have shown it has effective application in healing open wounds on the skin but there is not much evidence about its efficacy in firming sagging skin.

Ectoin is also a herbal extract which has been shown to reverse effects of photoaging on the skin. The compound does this by inhibiting UV induced cell damage if applied before the skin area has scarred.

The BMX complex is a mixture of synthetic compounds which increase the skin’s capacity to retain moisture. The complex is also reputed to help the body form a barrier to protect itself against the action of free radicals.

What Users Say on Reviews

The user reviews available online on this cream are few and far between. Where they are available it is hard to glean any solid information on which to base a comprehensive evaluation of the product. All in all, a good number of users have mentioned the cream helps to keep the skin hydrated for longer.

Where there is criticism of the cream, it invariably rests on the fact that the cream appears to be ineffective when treating sagging skin which has lost elasticity due to aging. Considering that the cream is formulated to address damage wrought by the elements, this is perhaps not so surprising.


The cream sells on a number of online stores including Amazon with prices ranging from $75 to $90. As such, it is the costliest of the three skin tightening creams featured in this detailed review.

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