Give Your Neck & Back A Treat At The Comfort Of Your Home

Did you know that a simple neck massage can relax your entire body, improve circulation, and even eliminate back pain and migraines? Reviewed below are three different neck massager pillows that might just change your life. Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, stiffness, or are recovering from surgery, keep reading to learn more about what the best neck massagers may be able to do for you and your body.

SP-100H 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

product 1 With 3-D technology, the SP-100H manufactured by Homedics incorporates circular kneading action along with motion both outwards and inwards to give users a massage that feels as authentic as possible. More details and features:

  • The heat function soothes achy/tired muscles.
  • The Shiatsu massage function can be used separate from or with the heat and vibration functions.
  • The vibration function invigorates and loosens tight muscles.
  • At just 4.2 pounds, this pillow is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • This model features a durable, sturdy design that won’t break with frequent use.
  • You can use this portable model at home or in the office (it just needs to be plugged in).
  • The product design features a comfortable mesh material.
  • A versatile massager, you can use it for the back, shoulders, neck, and even feet!
  • For just $47.38 on Amazon, this neck massager is worth every penny.

Unfortunately this pillow must be plugged in and does not come with a car adapter. Customers loved the Shiatsu function because it adequately reaches the space between the shoulder blades. You can position the pillow in many ways so as to effectively reach any area in the shoulder/neck region. Many customers also used it as a foot massager.

The vibration aspect is the least enjoyable, according to most users – but you can turn that feature off and enjoy a Shiatsu massage with or without heat. This model is easy to use and works great when lying in bed. Individuals note that the SP-100H can relieve back pain caused by kyphosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Overall, customers rated this as a great product for the price and many even consider it the best neck massager in the market.

Biggest plus: the Shiatsu feature is almost as good as a masseuse.

Biggest downside: you can’t take it in the car or on a plane.

Homedics Shiatsu and Vibration Device 

product 2Unlike the first Homedics model, the NMS360 is made just for the neck. The pillow features a rotating Shiatsu massage, a vibration function, and a heat function. Each feature can be used alone or in conjunction with other features. At just 2.3 pounds, the NMS360 is easy to use and carry.

Users can customize the massage’s intensity using the flex handles. Simply pull down on the handles and the two red massage balls will be tight against your neck, providing a deep massage. The device is durable and the massage balls will keep rotating even if you pull very hard on the straps.

This model is inexpensive. You can purchase it on for just $38.95. According to customers, the NMS360 works best when sitting at a 45-degree angle, but can also be used when lying down.

Users describe the NMS360 as versatile. By positioning the device in different ways, you can get a massage for the tops of the shoulders. Although this product was intended for use on the neck only, a few customers reported that it works for the legs as well.

Customers reported that the vibration function isn’t too strong (a problem these products often have). The NMS360 does wonders for a stiff neck. One man noted that this pillow eliminated his migraines. Like the previous pillow, you can use this Homedics product anywhere with an available outlet.

Biggest plus: The vibration speed/intensity is perfect.

Biggest downside: The material can be abrasive if used for long periods of time and there are reports of the heat function causing burns.

Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

product 3The Zyllion pillow features four massage nodes to provide a deep Shiatsu massage that kneads muscles to relieve tightness and helps the body relax. Like the previous two pillows, this one also includes a heat feature.

This little pillow is 3.5 pounds and features a slim design that takes up hardly any space. It’s perfect for the neck, abs, thigh, calf, and back. This pillow is easy to carry with you.

You can secure the ZMA-13-BK to your favorite chair in the office, at home, or in the car with the adjustable strap. This model turns off automatically after 20 minutes and comes with a device that protects against overheating.

Important Note: the heat function turns on automatically when the pillow is turned on, but can be turned off so as to only feature the Shiatsu setting.

Customer reviews praise the Zyllion cushion for its versatility and durability. It’s also a great value for the price (just $49.95 on Amazon). The ZMA-13-BK is made of high quality material. There may not be a lot of settings, but it excels at what it does.

According to users, the Zyllion works great to eliminate back pain for individuals with sore muscles, tightness, or who are recovering from surgery. “Just don’t overdo it,” recommends one customer, “or you’ll be sore the next day!

Biggest Plus: Includes a car adapter.

Biggest downside: cord tends to fall out of the unit during use.


The biggest difference I see between these three pillows is that the third product doesn’t have a vibration option. So if you really want that feature, you can cross Zyllion off the list. However, Zyllion is the only product that can be used in the car and seems to work great regarding the heat and Shiatsu features.

The two homedics models are quite similar. I would rate the first product as superior, especially since the second one has reportedly caused burns. For an authentic-feeling, deep-kneading Shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home or office, I recommend the SP-100H. If you’re looking for a personal massage device you can use on yourself to relieve pain and muscle knots, click here for recommendations.

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