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Online dating has become incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, nearly one out of three recent marriages in the US started with an online “meeting.” The trend has become even more popular with dating apps like Tinder. Online dating was once seen as a “last resort” option for people who just couldn’t find someone, but has since evolved into a very popular way for busy people to set up a date with someone who “matches” based on personality and interests. Keep reading for advice about setting up your online dating profile, flirting with girls online, and more.


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Your Dating Profile 

Your profile is what girls will look at – briefly – before deciding whether or not to message you. Ideally, your profile should be unique and capture who you are in a nutshell. This isn’t easy, especially because everyone else with a profile is trying to do the exact same thing.


If you’re using a username instead of your real name, DO NOT choose a name that makes you sound desperate, like “SingleGuy84” or “LastChance21.” Who wants to date a loser like that? Nobody. Instead, pick something fun. Think about nicknames, your hobbies, and what shows you like. Don’t use vulgar words when picking your username.


1382414686236This may be the most difficult part of all. You want to use photos in which you look good, but you don’t want to look like you’re showing off. Seriously, no topless photos or gym pictures! Make sure to include a headshot. Smile or look stoic – both expressions work. But make sure not to look directly at the camera. It sounds odd, but studies have shown that photos in which a guy is looking directly into the camera attract fewer responses than when a guy is looking away.

Give her a hint of your personality by adding a photo of you doing something you enjoy. It could be anything from skiing to reading a book. Make sure to add at least one photo of you hanging out with friends and if you have one, of you traveling. The goal here is for a girl to look at your photos, see that you have a fun and interesting life, and decide she might want to be a part of that life.

Tip: Don’t post more than 5 pictures on your profile or girls will think you’re trying too hard.

About Me

online_dating-1The “About Me” section gives you an opportunity to describe yourself with words. You might feel like you have a lot to share, but keep this section short and simple. Women will be reading lots of “About Me” descriptions, and they will probably skip one that’s too long. To make it interesting, share a story about a recent activity that you enjoyed. Add something silly about your personality to show that you have a sense of humor. For example: “I’m a terrible singer, but I don’t let that stop me.”

It’s a good idea to mention movies, shows, and artists that you like. But be specific. Instead of saying, “I like country music,” mention specific singers and explain why you like their music. In order to filter out the types of women you don’t want, you should mention what you’re looking for in a girl. It’s also okay to mention “deal breakers.”

Here are a few examples:

  • Looking for an outdoorsy girl who doesn’t mind the mud!
  • Looking for a girl I can watch football with
  • Don’t message me if you don’t like dogs!
  • Vegetarians don’t bother because I’m a carnivore!

When you begin an online conversation with a girl, it’s important to reference her profile so that she knows you read it! It can be something simple like, “I see we both watch Game of Thrones. What did you think about the ending of week’s episode?”

Talking to Girls Online

imageThe best thing about talking to a girl online is that you can type up exactly what you say before you send it. You won’t stumble over a word or say something accidentally. Even better, you won’t have that “deer in headlights” moment that some guys suffer when they come face to face with a hot girl. With online dating, the two of you won’t be face to face (at least not until later).

Lots of men and women find that they are able to be more confident when talking online. Conversing online is similar to texting, but with a full keyboard you can have quicker, lengthier conversations. Click here for tips on how to text girls.

Have you seen a guy tease a girl and effortlessly attract her attention? You can do this online and it’s even easier than in real life. The secret? USE EMOTICONS! Those little smiley faces aren’t just for girls. Because tone of voice doesn’t come across when typing, you need to use emoticons to express how you’re feeling. When a girl sees you send a 🙂 she will picture you smiling in real life. It has the same effect. Emoticons come in handy especially when you’re flirting and teasing. Consider the difference between the following two examples:

Boy: Would you like to catch a movie tonight?

Girl: I’d rather do something else.

Boy: Would you like to catch a movie tonight?

Girl: I’d rather do something else 😉

Here’s another example:

Girl: Gah, I left my cell phone at home again!!

Boy: Seems that blonde stereotype exists for a reason.

Girl: Gah, I left my cell phone at home again!!

Boy: Seems that blonde stereotype exists for a reason lol XD

In both cases, the response after the second message is completely different than the first. Don’t be afraid to use “lol,” but try to steer clear of abbreviations like “l8r” and “2nite.” Having good spelling and a diverse vocabulary is vital to online conversations and will impress most girls.

So what should you talk about online? Here are a few ideas:

  • Annoy her a little to bring out her opinions.
  • Ask her for her opinion on things you enjoy.
  • Ask her how she feels about relationships to get an inside scoop before you start flirting.
  • Ask her “What’s your deal?” This is an open-ended question that she can respond to however she likes
  • Get to know what type of girl she is by finding answers to the following questions:
    • What does she like to do on the weekends?
    • Has she ever met guys online that she strongly dislikes? This question will make you stand out from the crowd and show her that you are unique.
    • Does she enjoy dating online?

Conversely, there are a few things you shouldn’t talk about online:

  • “Get to know you” conversations (where you grew up, etc.) – this should be saved for in-person talk.
  • Idle chit-chat – instead, the main goal of your conversation should be setting up a date. 
  • Never talk about past relationships, even if you’re just looking for a hook up. Nobody wants to hear about your baggage!

In general, remember to be fun and flirty. If you can bring out her emotions, great! Women are emotional creatures. Impacting her emotions will encourage her to open up. If you bring out positive emotions, she may associate them with you and feel an instant connection. With both online conversations and in person conversations, you want to spark that connection/attraction as soon as possible.

Follow the above advice and you should be well on your way to interacting with girls online! Click here to learn more about online dating scams. 


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