Massages are incredible things. A simple massage can alleviate back pain, stimulate proper nerve firings, and allow an individual to let go of intense tension. Many people are unable to make it into a professional therapist’s office, however, necessitating a means of administering therapy on-the-go. There are a number of suitable devices. The best two chairs and tables have been identified below, following research regarding efficacy, quality, and whether the devices may be used primarily by professional massage therapists or by novices.


Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

The Earthlite portable massage table is a massage table able to be used by professionals and novices alike, due both to the sturdy construction of the table and the table’s ability to hold 600 lbs of working weight. This particular model comes equipped with a table, face cradle with headrest cover, cushion, and carrying case. Bearing a 3 year warranty, Earthlite’s offering to massage therapy is relatively lightweight and portable, and may be used for a wide variety of needs ranging from heavy, professional use, to light, novice use. The bed has a highly adjustable head rest to accommodate a wide range of heights and other needs.

The vast majority of users were impressed with Earthlite’s table, citing the sturdiness of its construction as the main reason for satisfaction. Customers were also pleased with the ease of use; most found the set-up and teardown of the table extremely simple and fast, whether they are massage professionals or clients providing the table for at-home treatments. Customers were happy to note that Earthlite’s design made height adjustments extremely simple. Overall, the table is rated as one of the best on the market.

While reviews were overwhelmingly positive, there were two chief complaints about the table: the occasionally unstable state of the headrest, and the weight of the table itself. Some smaller users have found transportation difficult; although the site claims the table’s weight is 35 pounds, some users found the table slightly heavier and more cumbersome to carry. While some users also found the headrest somewhat unsteady, most did not find this particular flaw heavily problematic, and trusted the head rest to perform its function adequately.

Oakworks One Massage Table Package

Oakworks’ table is capable of holding 500 pounds, and comes in a package as well. The package comes equipped with a table, headrest, cushion, carrying case, and arm sling. Like Earthlite, Oakworks comes with a warranty, though the warranty is a 2 year insurance policy targeted entirely toward the upholstery and padding. Weighing in at 46 pounds, the table is of average size for portable tables. The table and headrest are also adjustable, though not quite as readily adjustable as Earthlite’s portable offering.

Users were satisfied with Oakworks’ massage table. Customers found it was a sturdy, reliable table, providing adequate support and cushioning for people of all sizes. Most users were not professionals, however, but were students or novices, and tables were used in homes, rather than as portable devices. Users were pleased with the storage capability of the table, and found that it stored away easily and compactly. Customers also expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the table’s fabric and massage pads, most identifying them as high-quality and not easily torn or punctured.

Poor reviews for Oakworks’ table were scarce. It should be noted, however, that users primarily used the table as a home-based device, rather than a tool regularly transported. Potential customers should keep this in mind, as the table does weigh almost fifty pounds and may be difficult for a smaller person to maneuver.

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

The Master Massage chair boasts a surprising 18-pound weight, despite possessing the ability to carry 1,200 pounds. This feature alone makes it an excellent candidate for on-the-go needs for both professionals and amateurs in need of affordable massage equipment. The chair has small-cell foam on its surfaces, making it comfortable for individuals seeking a massage. Wheels grace the bottom of the chair’s carrying case, making transportation easy for individuals who might struggle lifting and moving 18 pounds on a regular basis. Master Massage’s chair is built with versatility in mind, and may be used by customers of many different heights, weights, and builds.

Used by practitioners and novices alike, the chair is lauded for its heavy padding and easy portability. Set-up and teardown are described as being extremely easy, and the carrying case’s storage pocket is applauded by users. Professionals find the chair extremely helpful, as it allows them to cater to larger customers without fear of customer discomfort or equipment malfunction.

While this chair has received rave reviews, by and large, some customers were uncomfortable with the product’s failure to come equipped with instructions. It is described as being easy to use and understand, but many customers would have preferred a set of instructions to ensure all parts were being used properly.

Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package

Like Earthlite’s table, Earthlite’s chair comes in a package, offering customers:


  • A chair
  • A carrying case with wheels
  • A sternum pad
  • A pouch for valuables
  • And an instructional DVD.

It is able to bear a weight of 350 pounds, and comes equipped with a 2 year warranty for cushions (lifetime for hardware). Earthlite’s chair is described as being infinitely adjustable, designed primarily with comfort in mind.

Earthlite’s massage chair received mostly positive reviews, with the majority of users praising Earthlite for its easy-to-use chair design and convenient package. Professionals have also praised the chair’s structure, as it is easy to transport and supports the majority of clients (save children and small-statured individuals, according to several professionals). Users also found that the chair held up well over time, and could be used for many years before a repair or replacement is needed.

Some users were not entirely pleased with the system, due in large part to its cumbersome nature. Although it does come with a wheeled carrying case, many users found this case somewhat insufficient, and difficult to maneuver. Even so, many customers have found a way to work around this, and cite the chair as well worth the money.

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