Bonapiel Anti-Cellulite & Body Firming Cream

crema-trattamento-anti-cellulite-rassodante-c-L-laWewXActive ingredients include: a “double dose” of retinol and caffeine; lactic acid.

We’ve already mentioned what retinol and caffeine can do to fight dimpled skin. Lactic acid is included in this formula specifically to promote firm, sexy thighs.

Bonapiel promises firming and toning along with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

“Doctor recommended” ingredients retinol and caffeine work together to reduce cellulite by improving the skin’s texture. Bonapiel is perfect for the tummy, thighs, arms, and buttocks.

With its fast-absorption properties and pleasant smell, no one will suspect this is more than a regular lotion. Bonapiel claims most users will notice results within 2-3 weeks of use.

You can purchase a 6-ounce tube on Amazon for $37.97.

Consumer Opinion

Heralded as “one of the best cellulite creams on the market,” Bonapiel has what users call a “fruity, minty” scent. Users have little to complain about with this product. Women report positive results in post-pregnancy lumps in about 3 weeks.

Those without visible cellulite report increased firmness along with a healthier, smoother appearance. Bonapiel is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It has a cool, creamy texture.

The biggest complaint was that it leaves skin feeling “sticky.”

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Body Merry Cellulite Defense

51+guXzrNiL._SL250_Active ingredients include: retinol, caffeine, cayenne, and 3 types of seaweed.

Body Merry is a “weightless” gel-cream designed for rapid absorption. Users will enjoy its refreshing peppermint/vanilla sent and cool tingling sensation.

This natural, organic fusion of ingredients enhances circulation and tightens and firms the skin. As with all cellulite creams, results will be best if used in combination with an active, healthy lifestyle.

You can purchase a 4-ounce jar on Amazon for $17.09.

Consumer Opinion

The jar may be small, but a little goes a long way. Women call it the “holy grail” of anti-cellulite creams. Users who combined Body Merry with a workout routine noticed a significant improvement in three weeks.

In addition to lumpy skin, Body Merry is also effective in tightening up loose skin after significant weight loss. Patrick, 23, tried this product after losing 75 pounds in college. Without enough money for surgery, he decided to try Body Merry to tighten up his arms and belly. It worked!

One complaint I noticed in regards to this cream is that it doesn’t seem to work on dark skin tones. Older individuals reported that it didn’t do much to tighten up skin that had grown loose from age.

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InstaNatural Cellulite Cream

Cellulite CreamActive ingredients include: retinol, caffeine, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

Jojoba oil is a hydrating agent that will plump up the skin for a younger look. Vitamin E works as an anti-oxidant to protect against UV rays and free radicals.

Perfect for use on the stomach, arms, legs, chest, buttocks, and more, InstaNatural’s potent formula reduces the appearance of dimply skin.

InstaNatural is appropriate for men and women looking to tone, tighten, and improve virtually any area of the body. InstaNatural promotes soft, supple skin with its trademark “Regu-Slim” blend.

You can purchase a 4-ounce jar on Amazon for $15.15.

Consumer Opinion

Users say InstaNatural is thick and creamy with a powder-like feel. It has a strong scent that many users did not like. One reviewer calls it “floral,” but another describes it as “coffee mixed with baby powder.” Most users saw results after 3 weeks of daily use.

InstaNatural is effective in erasing post-pregnancy stretch marks, moisturizing the skin, and getting rid of that “dusty” look associated with dry skin.

Hydrating and firming effects are to be expected, but not all users noticed a reduction in the look of celluliteAgain, for best results combine the cream with exercise and a healthy diet.

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