Is This Program Right For You?

Do you dream of being able to walk into a crowded room and seduce any woman you meet?

In his famous book The Tao of Badass, Josh Pellicer exposes the secrets of how to be a “badass” with women. Josh’s advice has helped thousands men across the world improve their interactions with women and maintain long-term relationships.

Keep reading for an introductory review of this wildly successful seduction system.

Intro and Overview of the Tao of Badass Program

tao-of-badassIt’s only natural to be intimidated by women. This seduction system will teach you how to overcome these feelings and use a woman’s unpredictable nature to your advantage.

Josh’s system isn’t about being a player, it isn’t about sex, and it isn’t about getting any woman into your bed. It’s about how to improve your confidence and how to deal with common but difficult situations. It focuses on conversation skills and body language.

The eBook also contains advice on how to maintain a long-term relationship after you score that first kiss.

The Tao of Badass is for:

  • Men who are sincerely interested in understanding women in order to manipulate them
  • Men who want to master the arts of seduction and attraction, who really want to understand how to communicate with females

The Tao of Badass is not for:

  • Men who are uncomfortable with the idea of manipulating women
  • The guy who wants to adopt a fake personality and memorize pick up lines to score with hot girls
  • Men who are afraid of rejection
  • Men who too scared or not willing to follow Josh’s advice
  • Guys who want to be players

Program Details

1414392098Josh’s $67 system consists of an eBook (150-page PDF), 50 minutes of training videos, a 5-week (9 hr.) webinar course in body language, an audio album about inner confidence, and a personal development course aimed to make you more attractive.

When you purchase the eBook, you also get exclusive access to the official website’s “badass elite members area,” which provides even more material (you can find the system for less than $10 on sites like eBay).

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The Ideal Outcome 

The ideal outcome of the series is a man who has the confidence to approach any woman, the knowledge to communicate effectively with her and to avoid common mistakes, the tactics to seduce her, and the skills to maintain a relationship. He will be able to create rapport with strangers and form deep connections with women.

He does not fear rejection and he is able to move on if a relationship does not work out. He has invested considerable time and energy into the study of women and relationships in order to achieve his goals.

The Tao of Badass will teach you:

  • How to become a man that women want
  • How to develop the appropriate mindset for interactions with girls
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to tell if you’re in the “friend zone”
  • How to use body language to your advantage
  • How to understand what she thinks about you
  • When to give up and move on
  • How to deal with rejection

The dating guide features 10 chapters/modules, covering various topics from “the approach” to “creating love.” For example, the first chapter provides an introduction to the science behind gender roles and how important it is for men to embrace their manhood. Failing to fulfill your gender role can send you straight to the “friend zone” or the “nice guy” category.

Chapter two focuses on confidence and how women are attracted to confident men.

A few of Josh’s core teachings:

  • Be yourself
  • Create humor
  • Be mysterious
  • Learn how to talk with girls (because we love to talk!)

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Reception of the program

plyazhMany have termed the book “controversial” due to its focus on manipulation. Still, overall reviews (by both men and women) are positive.

Some female readers, who purchased the book out of sheer curiosity, have been quick to point out that the system exposes key vulnerabilities in the female psyche and instructs men to take advantage of them – but it works.

Reviewers agree the system is perfect for men just starting to get into the habit of picking up girls. It’s a good value for the money, considering how much content you get.

A big positive about Josh’s system is that it also includes relationship advice. Readers found the sections on gender roles and why women test men to be the most interesting. Some have criticized the system’s practical examples, saying they don’t match the standards outlined in the book.

About the Author 

joshua-pellicer-the-tao-of-badassJosh Pellicer is a leading expert in body language, female psychology, and the art of seduction. Contrary to what you might think, the dating guru is just an average guy.

As you can see from the picture at left, he is borderline thin – and balding!

In other words, he’s not a handsome, buff man advertising a system that won’t work for normal people.

Josh was not always great with women, which is why he developed his system. His first relationship (at age 17) ended in disaster, and he didn’t want that to become a pattern. Josh studied women for several years, collecting the knowledge and confidence he needed to master the kind of body language that can really catch a woman’s attention.

Josh later went on to become a professional dating coach, earning the nickname “the pickup artist.” He was interviewed on The Today Show and featured in the New York Times.


As I mentioned above, this dating system is not for everyone. If you’re a man who is having consistent trouble with the ladies and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to communicate with them, this system is for you.

There’s a reason why Josh’s book is the best-selling seduction system in the world. If you aren’t afraid of rejection and you have the time available to study Josh’s teachings and put his advice into play, this system can really change your life.

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