2017’s Ultimate List For Teenage Girls

Pressed for time? Check out our 2017 teen girl gift list below. This year’s most wished for gifts include the usual suspects like movies, TV series, but also surprisingly simple (and budget friendly) items like a knit hat & temporary tattoos. How about a delicious chocolate gift basket or a creative journal diary?


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Most Wished For Gift Categories For Teen Girls Of 2017

Based on our research on online gift registries and wishlists, the following categories of items are the most sought after by teen girls from the ages of 13 to 18. Click on the category you are interested in to see some of the most wished for items within that category.






A Fail-Safe Approach to Picking Gifts for Teen Girls?

Girls around the age of seventeen tend to be very particular about what they want. Unless you are very close to them, their wishes and desires may be a total mystery to you. 

Fortunately, over the years, there is one simple approach that I have observed to rarely fail. If your budget is say, $100, simply divide it into two portions. Use the first portion (say, $50) to buy a gift card for her – she will appreciate the opportunity to use it to buy anything she desires.

Now, the second portion of your budget is where it counts and where you need to put in a little more effort. Use the 2nd half of the budget (the remaining $50 of our example budget of $100) to buy her something personalized – usually something small she can easily keep by her side or bring along with her wherever she goes. A good example of a personalized gift would be a necklace or bracelet that can be customized with her name or a personal message from you. Other possible items include mugs, phone cases and jewelry boxes.

Check out the links below for a full list of gift items that can be personalized :

Girls of this age love to feel special so a personalized gift like that would definitely come across as thoughtful and will be memorable, if not cherished.

If a personalized gift item somehow doesn’t seem right for you, check out more ideas grouped category below:


Fashion Accessoriesies & Jewelry

Girl eraThe teenage years are when girls become interested – sometimes obsessed – with fashion. This year, delight her with accessories to decorate her locker at school. We recommend buying several items and presenting them together in a gift basket. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Mirror (to use when fixing her hair)
  • Cute magnets
  • Locker wallpaper
  • Magnetic dry erase board (to help her keep track of homework)
  • Magnetic storage cup/pouch for school supplies

Another gift that is sure to please is jewelry. Keep in mind that girls mature at different rates. What one girl may think of as “classy” another might view as immature. Pay attention to what she likes. Is there a particular style of jewelry she seems to be interested in? Girl Era’s multilayer bracelets (image above) are a safe bet. These flashy but vintage bracelets are offered on Amazon for less than $5 each (plus, they make great party favors!).

If she likes to create her own jewelry and accessories, we recommend Rubber Band Jewelry, a DIY book that teaches teens how to make fun, stylish bracelets from rubber bands! Amazon offers the book for less than $10. Pair the book with one of the kits you’ll need to make the jewelry: Rainbow Loom, FunLoom, or Cra-Z-Loom. Her new hobby will provide hours of fun for her and her friends. They will love showing off their new, handmade jewelry at school.
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Hungergames_posterBooks make a wonderful gift for teenage girls. Not only does reading keep a girl’s mind sharp and help her excel in her studies, it also allows her to explore magical worlds, such as in the famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. In an epic story in which good triumphs over evil, this series teaches values like loyalty and friendship as it follows the lives of a group of teenage wizards and witches. You can purchase the first book in the 7-book series on Amazon for less than $10.

Another great series for teenage girls is the incredibly popular Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The trilogy follows the life of a young female hero, Katniss, and her struggle to overcome romantic troubles, fight through a battle royal, and eventually lead a revolution to take down an evil government. You can purchase the trilogy as a set on Amazon for less than $20.

Divergent, the debut novel of Veronica Roth, is one today’s highest rated books for teenage girls. The young adult dystopian novel features a female protagonist that many girls are sure to draw courage from and identify with. Themes include the maturity process, adult authority, and violence in regards to social structure. The first novel in the series sells for less than $7 on Amazon.


Beauty/ Makeup

81iz9G5+ZUL._SX425_Girls love beauty products (it’s a guilty pleasure). Whether it’s a package that includes bath suds, a foot scrubber, body wash, and lotion or a set of nail polish, a beauty or makeup gift is sure to make her smile!

Girls typically become interested in makeup during their young teenage years. If she hasn’t yet started to wear makeup, you can give her a nice introduction into the world of makeup with a kit. Amazon sells a nice, compact set for $11.20. Manufactured by BR, the travel-size kit includes eyeshadows, lip gloss, blush, mascara, applicators, a brush, and a mirror.

For the girl who likes to experiment: Cameleon sells a deluxe makeup kit that includes 48 different shades of eyeshadow along with 4 varieties of blush, 6 types of lip gloss, and 4 brushes. The colors are coordinated and trendy with a fine texture that makes for smooth application. With so many options, you can go for a natural look or a brave, striking style. Purchase it for $14.50 on StrawberryNET.com.


 Magazine Subscription

17What do girls love to do at sleepovers besides talk about boys and paint each other’s nails? They read magazines! Magazines geared towards teenage girls are juicy and funny and offer lots of quizzes about everything from what guy you should date to what type of shampoo you should use. A magazine subscription makes a great gift because she’ll be getting a new issue every month and it’s something she can share with her friends.

Amazon rates Teen Vogue as one of the most popular magazines for teenage girls. For just $10 you can purchase a 24-month subscription (20 issues). The magazine is geared towards young women with a passion for style, beauty, fashion, health, and entertainment. The brilliant pages include celebrity photos, styling advice, news about family and health issues, and beauty tips.

Older teens will love a subscription to the magazine Seventeen, a handbook to life that is full of fashion tips, makeup and beauty advice, and news about celebrities, music, and more. Buy it on Amazon for $11 (12 months/10 issues).



degrassiIf she’s more into TV shows than book series, surprise her with a DVD set. According to reviews (written by teens), one of the best shows for 18-year-old girls is the multiple award-winning Canadian drama Degrassi. The soap opera-like show follows a group of high school students as they deal with the challenges of growing up. Amazon sells each season as a boxed set for approximately $20.

First aired in 2010, the TV series Pretty Little Liars is a mystery/thriller drama featuring four friends that must work together against an anonymous enemy who threatens to reveal their deepest secrets – all while struggling to deal with the death of a close friend.

Who doesn’t like sleepovers with movies and popcorn? Surprise her with a few movies she can watch with her friends. Here are a few movies we think all teen girls should watch:

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  • Mean Girls
  • Thelma and Louise (perfect to watch with your best friend)
  • Beaches
  • Stepmom
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show (controversial, but epitomizes a person’s right to be different)
  • Bring it On