For baby showers







Offer to pay for the services of a professional photographer and give the new parents a truly thoughtful gift that will be cherished for a lifetime by parents, grandparents, and even the baby’s future children.

For your boss





Pay attention to your boss’s daily routine. What’s missing? What could make the day easier? This compartmentalized water bottle is great for healthy, on-the-go bosses. It has room for fruit/herbs, a carrying strap, and a re-freezable base.

For Mother’s Day







If your mother is retired and/or spends a lot of time at home, brighten up her yard with a colorful hummingbird feeder. These beautiful feeders make a great addition to any flower garden.

For Father’s Day









This portable grill is the ultimate man gift. Disguised as a brief case when it folds up, Dad can literally take it anywhere. Plus, it will give him the ability to surprise his friends and show off his grilling skills.

For 15-Year-Old Girls


Before you know it, this little girl is going to have a set of keys. If she’s forgetful, prevent a future tragedy by helping her keep track of the little things with the Tile item finder, a hip way to keep track of your stuff. Tile uses a free app and Bluetooth to sync up with any smartphone.

For 14-Year-Old Boys

thoughtfulFor a gift the entire family can enjoy, surprise your 14-year-old with the card game “Awkward Moment.” This fun, witty game reminds us all that it’s ok to laugh at ourselves every once in awhile – a good reminder during the oftentimes awkward teenage years.


For 18-Year-Old Girls

chi_004_4Encourage a new, adult look with high quality makeup and hair supplies. We love CHI’s ceramic hair straighteners.


For Bridesmaids

thoughtfulHelp your girls keep track of their credit cards, business cards, and ID with a cute honeycomb card case. This small, thoughtful gift can be included in a gift basket or paired with a small purse or handwritten card.