Summary Review & List of Top Garcinia Cambogia Offers of 2018

List of Trial Offers for Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplements

1. Garcinia Active Slim

This is a brand new offering that is exclusively available online in 2016, and an example of a product that meets high quality standards. It is manufactured in the USA & ships to more than 18 different countries worldwide:

  • The Garcinia Extract supplement contains 60% hydroxycitric acid (“HCA”), the amount recommended by nutrition experts for maximum benefits while staying safe for use by the average person
  • Uses organic, vegan and responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Backed by a clear, defined time period, no-questions-asked refund policy
  • Manufactured in the USA; other countries do not have basic food and drug safety standards
  • What the trial costs and if there are any continuing costs after the trial period expires
  • Available and helpful customer support via live internet chat, telephone or email

* For a limited period of time, this product is offering a trial to consumers residing in qualifying countries & cities

>> CLICK HERE for the Merchant’s Website to Check if You are Eligible for the Trial << 


2. APEX Garcinia Plus

This is a brand new offering in 2015

  • Legimate product that is manufactured in the USA
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules containing at least 50% of the active ingredient HCA
  • A 14 day trial option is available where you pay only shipping costs of $4.95.
  • This product garnered the most positive customer satisfaction out of all the products we compared. Though some consumers think the price is slightly on the higher side for this brand, they also reported excellent results: for example, one woman lost 35 pounds in two months, from these capsules alone. Another saw a reduction of 10 pounds in just over one month.

>> CLICK HERE for the Merchant’s Website to Check if You are Eligible for the Trial <<



3. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The product is produced and shipped by a company in Pasadena, California. It is a weight loss supplement guaranteed to deliver the most noticeable results even for those who have tried other remedies to no avail. It is one of the more balanced formulations you are likely to find having 50% pure hydroxycitric acid in each capsule.

The Pasadena manufacturing facility from which the supplements are shipped from is a state of the art facility designed specifically for production of human medication. The laboratory and assembly plant are registered by the Federal Drugs Administration and certified by the cGMP.

The capsules are offered on a 10 day free trial offer. This is a generous allowance considering that you will begin experiencing change within a couple of days of first popping the capsules. You will begin feeling less ravenous and even moderate helpings will be enough to fill your tummy.



4. Bio Health Garcinia Cambogia

Although it does not technically offer a free trial, we included this product because we were impressed with its overall value for money.

Bio Health’s brand contains 100% pure garcinia cambogia, with each capsule containing approximately 60% HCA. Because it offers a 100% pure version of the extract, this brand offers appetite suppression, increased metabolism, and mood enhancement, making it not only a viable weight loss supplement, but a boon for one’s overall health.

Bio Health offers free shipping on all orders. On top of that, they offer greater discounts for larger plans, ranging from $11 in savings for the first plan to $150 in savings for the largest plan. This makes each capsule anywhere from $.97 to $.49. The savings offered by the 5 month plan makes each bottle cost a mere $29.60, a real bargain in our opinion.

Customers were quite pleased with Bio Health’s product. Users’ ages ranged drastically, going from women in their early 20s to men in their 60s. Despite such a wide gap the age of consumers, satisfaction was expressed across the board. The greatest source of surprise, however, was not with the weight loss achieved, but the effectiveness of the product’s appetite suppressing properties. For this reason alone, customers were impressed by Bio Health’s contribution to the market.

How to Identify Fake Garcinia Supplements

Due to the runaway popularity of Garcinia Cambogia, there are some fake supplements doing the rounds. Here are some quick tips on how to identify them:

  • The packaging is not tamper-proof
  • There is no information about active ingredients or the proportions in which they are included in the supplement
  • There is no way to contact the manufacturers to express complaints or feedback


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