Top Threats To The Health And Safety Of Your Baby And Child

Have you ever purchased cheap jewelry for your baby or your child? Do you know that these jewelry may contain toxic metals like cadmium or lead? Babies and toddlers like to taste everything and anything and oftentimes we find pendents lockets and other jewelry in their mouths, and sometimes they even get accidentally swallowed. In 2006 a boy from Minneapolis swallowed a locket broken off from a bracelet. He eventually died of lead poisoning. So, if you want to buy jewelry for your kid, make sure you buy real jewelry and not cheap knockoffs that can harm your child.

giftforboysChildren love receiving toys as gifts during their birthday and festive occasions like Christmas. However, do you know that certain toys may be a health hazard for children? For example, certain types of colored chalk have been found to contain mercury, and necklaces for girls have been found to contain cadmium. So, when you are shopping for gifts for children, make sure you check the country origin and so a quick online search for the brand of the toy before purchasing. You may think that toys and gifts for older kids should be safer as they would be less likely to put the toy in their mouth? Not exactly. For example, when when shopping for gifts for 7 to 12 year old boys, a certain type of friendship band has become quite popular recently. It is quite certain that the child will like the gift, but do watch out for arsenic, a substance that has been linked to blood disorders.

The other major threat to children actually happens in the home. Every year, many toddlers and babies get seriously injured when they fall of stairs, or when they slip into dangerous parts of the house like the swimming pool or the kitchen, where they may get seriously hurt by boiling water and other hazards. In fact household accidents account for the largest number of accidents every year in America for kids and toddlers under the age of seven, more than any other type of accident. This underscores the importance of childproofing your house to ensure the safety of your babies and toddlers.

baby gates on stairwaysOne important safety precaution you can take is to install retractable baby gates. These are security gates that serve as barriers to hallways, doorways, stairways, and other potential areas hazardous to babies and young children. A retractable gate is convenient because it can be easily taken out and installed in other areas giving you greater flexibility.

Of course, even with all the childproofing measures taken, you still need to keep vigilant and be aware of your child’s movement. No amount of external safety precaution can replace the vigilance and care of parents.


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