Do Weight Loss Supplements Like Garcinia Cambogia & African Mango Actually Work?

obesity and weight lossIntroduction

In the past fifty years, ailments and malaises that have no known or proven treatments have started to take centre-stage. They may well have existed prior to that period, but medical science would have been in relative infancy and most diseases might not have come to light.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease certainly existed, but victims might have simply resigned themselves to their fate. AIDS is something new, and scientists across the globe are working for a cure. Such patients can justify their illnesses. But what is unjustifiable is the incredibly high percentage of American citizens who are overweight. The National Center for Health has published findings that, among American adults, over 65 percent were overweight or obese.

More than half of them are taking some weight loss magic potions!

Weight Loss Supplements:

Obesity can seriously affect psychological as well as physical health. Losing weight is the only solution, but it takes time. Small wonder then that 15 percent of adults of American origin take recourse to prescribed diet supplements to expedite weight loss. The most popular products are obviously those that claim to decrease appetite, retard fat absorption or enhance metabolism.

Experts in the field of weight loss have yet to endorse many such products since there is insufficient evidence of their effectiveness, nor has sufficient time elapsed to analyze all their effects on the human body, whether positive or deleterious.

Types of Weight Loss Supplements

weightlosspillsSome of the most common types of weight loss supplements are:

  • Appetite suppressants. These supplements cheat the brain by sending signals that the stomach is still quite full and is not yet ready to accept any more food.
  • Fat absorption prohibitants. Diet pills like Orlistat stop the body from metabolizing and absorbing all fat ingested in food eaten. The undigested fat is then excreted.
  • Fibers. The most popular fibers are bran or psyllium. They work by slowing the digestion process, reducing that weight-attracting hungry feeling.
  • Herbal extracts, such as those from green tea. These extracts include compounds like catechins, caffeine and others that reduce weight effectively.
  • Meal Replacements. Meal replacements are supplements that have proven very effective so far, including bars and shakes. These, however, prove effective only if ingested in a carefully orchestrated calorie-control plan, generally including fresh fruit.
  • Hydroxycitrate (HCA). HCA is a salt obtained from the rind of fruits like brindal berry and Garcinia gummi-gutta. An Indian home remedy, HCA effectively cuts down fat absorption, enhances fat metabolism and reduces appetite. This product is found in medical stores branded as Garcinia Trim-Pulse, Citrilite, Garcinia Cambogia among others. Nowadays, there are many Garcinia Cambogia sample bottles available via trial programs due to its overwhelming popularity due in no small part to being featured on the Dr Oz show.
  • Roasted Mango Seed. A home remedy, it has been in use for centuries. The large hard seed of the luscious mango is not thrown away. All that is required is to roast the seed, break it open and eat its kernel.
  • Chlorogenic acid reduces weight effectively and is one of the primary constituents of green coffee. Research has proved its remarkable qualities as a dietary supplement to shed weight. Experiments have shown that women who remained plump after delivering a child lost close to six pounds a month, drinking green coffee three to four times a day.

There is absolutely no doubt that Hydroxycitrate, meal replacements, roasted mango seed and green coffee or simple products containing extracted chlorogenic acid will help in shedding weight.

The only precaution you need to take is to go easy on these supplements; just be patient. It is advisable to take medical advice prior to using them even if you are not suffering from any debility and a must if you are afflicted with some illness, major or minor.

Undesirable Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements

The human body is an amazing agglomeration of finely tuned components designed to work in unison.

A weight supplement, particularly a chemical composition, is an unnatural addition to the body and will always have a side effect– if not today, then tomorrow.

The number and type of side effects of misused weight loss supplements is legion. The first human organ to be affected is generally the heart, followed by the digestive and gastric systems, the brain and the rest of the body’s internal organs. Death is not uncommon, nor is birth defects in women. There are two basic rules to remember, as well as one piece of advice.

  • Secondly, always combine weight loss supplements with basic physical activity; don’t turn into a couch potato because you are using a proven supplement like green coffee, a meal replacement or HCA. Always get yourself retested if you are reaching 90 days on any prescribed medicine.

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