We Vibe & Lelo Head To Head

Whether you want to add that extra spark to your sex life or want to up your chances of giving her an orgasm every time, a vibrator may be just what you need. The three vibrators reviewed below can be used with a partner or alone and were designed specifically with the G-spot in mind.

We Vibe 4

Vibe Known as the “Number One Couples Vibrator,” the We Vibe 4 was designed to help couples reach a new level of ecstasy. An improvement over the first model, the Vibe 4 was designed for a more stable, comfortable fit and has even more control options for an intense experience that both he and she will enjoy.

Features include:

  • Convenient wireless remote control with lithium cell battery
  • Six vibration modes
  • 10 intensity levels
  • New “echo vibe” setting alternates between clitoral and G-spot vibration
  • Body-hugging design is compact and stable
  • Appropriate for all body types
  • Rechargeable battery and USB connection
  • Delivers three hours of pleasure when fully charged
  • One year warranty
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Made from medical-grade silicone
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful yet quiet motor
  • Available in several colors

How it works: She wears the We Vibe 4 during intercourse. Use a water-based lubricant to gently insert the G-spot stimulator into the vagina. The half that remains outside the body will provide stimulation to the clitoris.

Model 4 emerged after considerable amounts of research and testing with sexologists, customers, relationship counselors, and retailers. The unique and compact shape allows for strong and intense vibrations delivered to both her G-spot and clitoris in addition to the pleasure she’s already getting from intercourse.

The vibrator’s design features a clitoral stimulator that rests gently between the labia and a G-spot stimulator that sits behind her pelvic bone. As a bonus, the We Vibe is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower. Model 4 has won several awards and has been featured in lists such as “Things Grown Ups Need to Own” (Examiner.com in 2015) and “Epiphora’s Best Sex Toys” (2014).

Customer Opinion: 3 out of 5 stars

Those who enjoyed Model 4 mentioned specifically that the vibrator stays snugly in place during sex. It’s doesn’t slide or fall out. The remote has a good range, which makes this toy perfect for use out of the bedroom. Adventurous couples use it in public because it’s so quiet. Others use it during long car rides to make the trip a little more exciting.

The best part about the We Vibe is that is doesn’t have to be held in place, leaving both partners with their hands free. Many thankful couples found that this toy was just what they needed to spice up a boring sex life.

Men reported the vibrations as pleasurable and recommend that the female insert the vibrator so that it rests in just the right spot. Although it can be used for solo enjoyment, the Vibe 4 is best when used during intercourse.

Disappointed customers mentioned that the remote was weak and that a Bluetooth connection was hard to establish. Others simply didn’t find We Vibe 4 to be worth the hefty price tag (this little guy goes for $110 on Amazon).

Lelo Gigi 2

vibe34Available in several colors for $79.94 on Amazon, the Gigi 2 is marketed as a must for the “G-spot connoisseur.” With eight vibration modes, this little toy is sure to bring her over the edge whether she uses it herself or gives the reigns over to her partner.

Lelo is waterproof and made using super-soft, FDA-approved silicone. The Gigi 2  is a new and improved version of the company’s original G-spot vibrator. The signature flattened tip is perfect for exploring a woman’s most erogenous of zones.

This little vibrator is surprisingly powerful and can deliver pleasure for up to four hours when fully charged. Your purchase includes not only the vibrator and charger, but also a storage pouch and one year warranty. This model is 6.5″ by 1.3″ with a diameter of 1.5″. The insertable length is just under four inches.

Customer Opinion: 4 our of 5 stars

According to satisfied users, Gigi 2 is great for use alone or with a partner. It’s easy to use, even easier to clean, and is effective in stimulating that most hard-to-reach of womanly places. Men found this vibrator an easy way to give her the ultimate G-spot climax.

Although designed as a G-spot vibrator, many women commented that the Gigi 2 is great for clitoral stimulation as well. And when used internally, the flattened tip really does hit the G-spot.

Disappointed customers lamented that the Lelo was a little weak and recommended the Mona 2 as a better option. 

Warning: Gigi can be a little hard to hold onto if things get slippery!

Lelo Mona 2

vibe3Also produced by Lelo is the Mona 2, another G-spot vibrator made of FDA-approved ABS plastic and silicone. Features include:

  • Quiet motor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two hours of pleasure when fully charged
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient charging port
  • Powerful vibration
  • Easy to use controls

This little toy is 7.9” long with a diameter of 1.2.” With the perfect curve, the Mona 2 will make her moan with powerful vibrations that target the G-spot. Ideal for solo or couple play, the Mona 2 will take your sex life to a new and more satisfying level with its ability to deliver a reliable G-spot climax.

Mona has six stimulation options and can be used both internally and externally. Internally, it is world-renowned for hitting that hard to find spot (in other words, it’s great for men who have trouble locating the G-spot with their fingers). Externally, the Mona 2 is able to provide broad clitoral stimulation with the inner curve as well as a more teasing sensation with the tip. A versatile toy, you can use it to explore erogenous zones on both partners. The insertable length is 5”.

The biggest difference between this Lelo product and the one reviewed above is the shape of the tip. The Mona 2 features a rounded tip while the Gigi 2 has a flat tip. Mona sells for $100 on Amazon. 

Customer Opinion: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Mona is by far the highest-rated Lelo product. According to reviews, this toy has brought a new and exciting element into the sex lives of many an aging couple. Customers loved the versatility and the different vibration modes. The material is very comfortable and the toy is easy to hold and to clean.

It was hard to find any negative reviews about this vibrator. It’s no question that the Mona is far superior to the Gigi. According to satisfied users, it’s well worth the price.

Which one to choose?

Like I said earlier, there’s no question when it comes to the two Lelo vibrators. All reviews point to the Mona 2 as the better option. And as they were designed for virtually the same purpose, you won’t miss out on anything when you choose one over the other. Use this versatile product alone or with a partner to achieve a mind-shattering G-spot orgasm.

The downside? The Mona can’t give you inner and outer stimulation at the same time.  If you’re looking for stimulation in both places at once, go for the Vibe 4, a truly unique vibrator you can use during sex that is enjoyable for both partners. And don’t forget about its potential for car trips and public forays. 🙂

If you’re looking for a clitoral orgasm instead of a G-spot orgasm, click here to read our review of the Hitachi Magic Wand AKA the “Cadillac of Vibrators.” This unbeatable vibrator is simply the top of the line when it comes to sex toys for clitoral orgasm. 

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