authorphotoHello! Welcome to Beyond Talk! My name is Diana Bradley, the chief editor of this website. I grew up in a family of lawyers in Roanoke and true to the traditions of the family I graduated with a Juris Doctor qualification. However, I did not eventually end up working for a law firm as I gradually drifted towards activism and found my passion and calling there. It was thus with much delight that I accepted the invitation to write for this website…

Beyond Talk was initially created for the sole purpose of environmental activism, especially with regards to promoting affirmative political action against climate change. Despite signs of greater consensus and urgency among major global economies of the need to tackle this problem, climate change remains a challenging global issue that requires great political will and concerted effort on the part of world leaders.

As of November 2014, Beyond Talk has expanded its vision to go beyond environmental activism. Even though environmental issues will remain one of the key focuses of this website, we will be branching out to cover a host of other social, business and health issues. We aim to become a premier online publication dedicated to distilling fact from fiction, true to our slogan of ‘Busting Myths, Uncovering Truths’.

Currently, I am largely contributing by writing for this website but I am also working hard to grow a larger team of ‘domain experts’ in each of the key areas we intend to cover. I am truly excited by the prospect of working with a team of like-minded individuals in the near future. Who knows what sort of creative spark that could ignite! One thing for sure is that you can expect more interesting and insightful articles from us in the future!

I hope you’ll find the content on this website relevant and helpful to you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us a message through the ‘Contact’ page or you may leave a comment on any of the posts. You can also visit my personal Google+ page to know more about me.